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Back in 1941 where Joe DiMaggio goes three for four, hitting in his 56 straight game. That amazing record would end the next day when he went hitless against the Cleveland Indians. Interesting tidbit, DiMaggio confided to a teammate after that game by failing to get a hit, he had lost $10,000 promised to him by Heinz ketchup for matching the number 57. Featured on their labels today in 1971. It's reported that the San Francisco Warriors will play half of their home games on the 1972 scheduled in Oakland, with the other half being played in San Diego, with the team moving out of San Francisco. It was also reported that the team would be changing its name to the Golden State Warriors. So is to identify with both the cities of Oakland and San Diego. As it turned out, the Warriors only played six games in San Diego that year. Then switch to playing in Oakland full time, but they get the golden State name anyway, making them the on ly team in the MBA to not include their city or state in the name and today in 2003 after 18 years with the Utah Jazz Karl Malone signs with the L. A Lakers for one last shot at a championship team also, added Gary Payton. It had a crazy, talented roster with Kobe and Shaq. They would go to the finals in 2004 but they were upset by the Detroit Pistons. Malone with then retired. Now, you know today in sports history on I Heart radio, All programs on news talk, 11 30 ws and our broadcast through the annex Wealth Management Studios Annex Wealth management know the difference program. The media.

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