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I just specked by lip so that put that in with the part where I'm going and starting and put the smacking of a lift very ladylike. Anyway. That's coming up here on the world famous Phil injury show. Right. And. All right. We'll take a break. We'll do a commercial way. Usually goes of here we go. Yeah. Okay. Yeah, thanks. And then we'll and yet it'd go commercial. You mean go a commercial, then it's gonna with. All right. So, yeah. Hey, you know, be a little bit less. People can see that you're playing at that doesn't mean people could see you're putting it on. Okay. Well, all right. Let me count it down three to one. You don't do that you stuff. All right. Three to one. Oh, yeah. Well, all right. So no, no, no, no, no. Give out to it myself. Folks will be right back here in the world famous Phil Hendrie show. Bob turlock games brings you. This portion of the Phil Hendrie show here on podcast, one in all of the assorted platforms, Bill turlock games, if you play chess checkers or any other summary games. Go to Bob turlock get a game. Get a game with some of the really genius people. He has they're sitting around playing banjo staring at their fingers and sniffing them. Bob turlock games checkers chess and more sixty one Eighty-one roared in downtown galop. Bob turlock games. It just makes sense to play chess with someone whose looks other worldly. Hello, everyone. I'm Margaret great. If there's one thing I love doing more than singing. It's denting and this video Margaret grade Denson's until her as gives out is available to you now by sending.

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