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Was a was a was a stylistic reference to one of the greatest duals of all over the hostile. Family Gambler, yeah, all tracks to their song language, which would which is which is just so cool to think because me and my you know I'm from New York from Atlanta. But the fact that was I don't have to explain might doesn't have to explain to me when we're referencing knows styles. That's the other thing I love. Run the jewels because me, and my just no styles and we really grew up being influenced by them and listening to them, not only the intellectual stuff, but also just a straight rap shit. You know the swagger shift so. You know. Yeah, that was a fun Janet. That's actually one of my favorites. Have, you ever had that dream where you're trying to take your business or organization remote, and it's super confusing, so you just decide to listen to a relaxing podcast instead. 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APP, you can pause the Wi fi at the push-button. Can Your Internet do that? Learn more at extremely dot com slash X. by. Let's talk about another standout. Just the choruses look at all. These slave masters, posing on your dollars and Mike There's an episode of you Netflix series trigger warning where you pull out a a twenty dollar bill, and you deliver brief history lesson like talking about right now. Andrew Jackson and feel like this. Whole concept might have been kicking around for a minute you know. Crazy Shit. That was forever forever. Is that right? Yeah, the sleight mass all my dollars. Camera, obvious nighttime as a kid. You learned about slave. On, I mean it's is right there for you to hear, that's no surprise, but I think that the reoccurrence of capitalism slavery stuff is popped up my music a lot and I something I've had to contend with was being a capitalist and a business person myself, but I think it's often that run the Jews touches on in terms of money, but I I think for railroad can with the perfect threat to Seoul, the the three verses that we put on there all look at capitalist money gnarly Shit with it, but in different ways I learned business selling drugs. That's how I learned. It's out of. Religion Glossy I already knew. How to make a dollar grow you from selling drugs, and I've had to contend with the fact that for many of the my life that that that as a child I made this very adult decision at a time when anybody who had intelligence intelligence with assault, trust those too easy not to do, but to say to myself, when I'm castigating or or promoting the pushing things now am I a hypocrite and I've had to accept that that there's some things that Yehya after you become an adult. You have your own kids. It's six. You don't want us to know. The gas stations with fifty little dude selling trust. But you've been. You say it so I've had to I've had to reconcile those things. A part of this record for me was stylistically doing distinctly southern style, but at first I didn't like to allies, and I had just made us some trat rap, shit and I needed to all those minds to make it what it was philosophical observation of who I am relation the business being a businessman now the data exception coming from selling drugs the fact that marijuana although steel has black men and women and Brown people in jail for decades now now is a legal thing that my white homeboys Colorado, and California participated being legally and abundantly, so we lost an opportunity to take advantage of alcohol sixty years ago because. Because we will cut out. Let's not let legislation do that to us again and the fact that a casino longer run our country. You know it shows us that. Yes, in America Youtube can be anything in president included, but it shows you the mentality of the country that we are a criminal country. We promote criminal culture, and we whitewash or legislative to make it acceptable, but we are no more a country arousing criminals, and if we don't understand that in our relations of money, there is no road to improvement. Capitalism does for failing the most vicious and evil way and capitalism works like -ticipant or victim of it, and it is obviously disappointed by being even a compassionate caregivers I am -ticipant. I mean this is important and capitalism certainly comes up on this record comes up on on pulling the pin as well and and we can't really talk about justice any kind who certainly can't talk about racial justice if we're not also talking about economic justice. Right absolutely I. Absolutely yeah, absolutely I just left a meeting with a bunch of black panthers in a bunch of local organizers and one of the biggest things that was talked about an easy original guys were from the late sixties, early seventies, men, women, and a local organizers, men and women and people from the Music Industry and the net one number, one thing talked about was economic stability out self and last injustice in terms of from the government and corporations in terms helping my community lasso. And Mike. You mentioned Your Business Profile. You rent some barber shops. I think you were also read. You also have food trucks restaurants. Is that right? Yes, I own a growing alanna. barbershops called Swag shot my wife and I. we currently have three emission. The next twenty four months is to have ten more off to Serbs a prototype to hopefully grow into a regional and national chain much like Floyd's are Rudy's on tip about fifty euro restaurant called banking seafood with have partnered with the developer Noelle Kaleo out of out of Atlanta. Who's a business mentor, Friend and partner to to to to Raleigh's restaurant out and we? We started with food trucks whereabouts about second food trucks that we are two routes running and our brick and mortar business should be up in the next eighteen months. So you know I definitely I'm a kid from the neighborhood who who went back and be just post doing reinvest in the naval. Now you're governor in Georgia pushed for early reopenings. Did you reopen? You're busy, did not you did not? We didn't have still closed at barbershop. Just opened two weeks ago. The one downtown reopening with strict regulation out other two shots remained close because we. We wanted to see what the first thirty days would be like now downtown shop. We, as had no one's actions. Our customers healthy garbage healthy, so we got about maybe two more weeks before we decided. We're GONNA open without restaurant because we operate in open outside. Sutra our heart area. We've been able to keep our restaurant close. Although we don't have a brick and mortar restaurants, but people sit down is essentially you come in order you take it in your food and.

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