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I'm jack speer. The supreme court will resume in person oral arguments. This fall after spending more than a year remote as npr's barbara sprint. Explains the court will remain close to the public over health concerns. The supreme court has conducted remote arguments since may of twenty twenty because of the krona virus pandemic. the cases will return to in-person this october november and december. The court will also provide a live audio feed for the arguments for those three months. It will be the first time. The court offers live audio for in-person arguments last. May the court started to stream audio. Live for the public from the remote arguments. Also a i at the time that came after the court postponed oral arguments scheduled for march and april of that year because of the pandemic the court noted then that it had postponed arguments in nineteen eighteen during the spanish flu. Epidemic barbara sprint. Npr news fbi is releasing new video of the suspect who placed to pipebombs near the us capital on the evening of january fifth as npr's ryan lucas reports. The devices didn't explode but identifying those who planted them as a priority for the fbi the black and white video shows. The suspect dressed in a grey hooded sweatshirt. A face mask and glasses and carrying a backpack. The video has taken on january fifth. Twenty twenty one near the democratic national committee in washington. dc not far from where one bomb was placed. The second device was planted in an alley behind the republican national committee a few blocks away. The fbi says it believes the suspect was operating out of a location near by. It also says a review of the individual's behavior and interviews with residents leads the fbi to believe the suspect is not from the area. The fbi is offering a one hundred thousand dollar reward for information on the suspect ryan. Lucas npr news washington. Solar power could generate about forty percent of the nation's electricity by the year twenty thirty five without raising utility rates. That's according to the department of energy study. npr's jeff brady reports. The benchmark require massive solar construction boom over the next decade and a half. The energy department's solar futures study shows a path to reaching president. Biden's climate change goal of zeroing out greenhouse gas emissions from the power sector by twenty thirty five. The us gets only about three percent of its electricity from solar. Now that's after years of double digit. Growth reaching forty percent would require extraordinary levels of construction and overcoming obstacles like citing constraints and a solar panel trade dispute with china instead of raising utility bills. Much of the funding would come from federal incentives included in a three point five trillion dollar infrastructure. Bill democrats hope to pass soon jeff brady. Npr news stocks mostly lost ground on wall street on the heels of a federal reserve report. That shows you us economic activity slowing the summer winds down the dow dropped sixty eight points. The nasdaq fell eighty. Seven points. today you're listening to npr. The cova pandemic has had catastrophic effects on the battle against burkey losses in efforts to prevent the spread of hiv. Embarrassed jason. bobi says. That's the conclusion of a new report from the global fund to fight aids. Tb and malaria. The global fund analysis found that the reshuffling of medical resources to deal with kovin hit to burke yellow laos's programs particularly hard. The number of people treated for drug resistant. Tb in countries where the global fund operates dropped nineteen percent last year treatment programs for extensively drug resistant burkey losses. So their case loads. Drop a whopping thirty. Seven percent far. Fewer people were also tested for hiv or malaria. In two thousand twenty compared to twenty nineteen as the pandemic disrupted supply chains individuals stayed away from clinics one. Bit of good news. was that despite cova. Nearly two million more people with hiv got onto life saving antiretroviral drug therapy. Jason bobi npr news portland. Oregon city council has apparently decided to delay a vote on an expected. Emergency resolution that would ban the buying of any goods and services from texas the resolution in response to a new state law there would ban most abortions after six weeks of pregnancy. If passed by the portland city council would also bar city workers from traveling to taxes for mayor. Ted wither says. The resolution was initially due to be presented today but will be postponed pending further review. To quote understand the impact of the proposed ban crow futures. Prices moved higher today. Oil up ninety five cents a barrel to settle at sixty nine thirty a barrel in new york. I'm jack speer. Npr news in washington..

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