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I'm Vicki Barker in London, cheered in the shadow of Mount Rushmore and American president sees enemies within for the eyes. Claire again as we did 244 years ago. Way will not be tyrannized. We will not Peter means, and we will not be intimidated by bad evil people. The president declaring war on what he called a new far left fascism, making few references to the culvert pandemic. Even as more states allow crowds to gather this Independence Day weekend. Peter King in Orlando as beachgoers head to Florida Space Ghost, there are very few limits on them. Of our county commissioners have voted down a mandatory Facemash corner, and they're not required on cocoa beach or anyplace else. Their beachside parking is open. Alcohol is still allowed in Cocoa Beach is mayor says they want groups limited to 10 people or less, he says. You don't like crowds don't go as college students returned to campus. Some are bringing Covad Witham as CBS's Matt Piper. Report. More than 100 students letting in fraternity houses near the University of Washington campus have tested positive for covert 19. What's Mohr? Hundreds of other results are pending. The students who all live in 15 front houses, started getting symptoms last weekend and alerted the school. More than 800 students have been tested since Monday in response to the Greek system outbreak, and the university expects to have an updated case count. Early next week, CBS Transportation correspondent Chris Van Cleef notes. Many millions of American drivers are heating scientists warnings about staying safe and staying close to home. Triple.

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