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You're listening to sit a file the Adnan Virk movie podcast in a real thrill to bring in Andy circus, if you know and love movies, you know, how that this guy is as an actor director. The film is called mogul legend of the jungle currently available on Netflix. It's an adaptation of the Kipling beloved class the jungle book, Andy thank you so much time today. Oh, it's absolutely pleasure. Led to get into all the filmography. Let's start with Moby. I this cast is incredibly you've got Christian bale Cate Blanchett Benedict. Cumberbatch many many others won't wasn't about the Rudyard Kipling book that made you want to listen, I know it's been done before when I have a special affinity for. I want to bring it to the screen the script landed on went desk in in two thousand sixteen was really getting back in touch with the source material, and it's hot and spoke to me about the book was was this incredible journey of a young boy who who's an out cost outside and feels other an his goes on very emotionally complex journey to to discover where he belongs or how he's going to be. Long. So you know, how he fits into the world of animals. He's obviously a feral child boot up in by wolf pack, but he reaches point in his life with with rules and laws of that particular society done apply to him anymore. And and then when the nemesis character, she Akam tiger is back on the scene. He is then forced to gun assimilate into the world of mankind. Neither neither is able to fully connect and live a fulfilled life, we've mankind. So again rules and laws of man's society. Don't apply. Also. So so it for me, it feels very although the written a hundred years ago, it feels incredibly contemporary in terms of in terms of being author in terms of not being at the center of of where you think you might be in that that journey to discovery. So it's at the heart of it. It's a very it's still a family film. But it's an emotional journey of discovery self discovery absolutely capture that imagine the spur so funny. They always say never work with children or animals. Hugh, miss that memo and Dovan with both. That's true. That's true. I mean, fortunately all-round I was working with the best. So so the animals portrayed by the incredible cost as as you say know, 'blanche Bennett, come back, Christine Viollis guys just will close actors at the top of that game. And and just have brew incredible detail nuance and debt and emotional that all of the characters that they play and not lease the central catch play by Roane chant who who's very very gifted young actor who who you know, I started working on this project when he's ten years old, and he was kind of getting onto fourteen by the time we'd finished it. And he had such kind of very very wise head on on a young boys shoulders, which which we needed to have. I mean, it's very as you know, as you've seen very complex emotional and physical journey, and we really needed a because it's such a movie Centric story really needed someone who's going to be able to do that. And he was. As ing. Yeah. Ron Johnson performances terrific. He's so expressive of this face. And like you said he's child he's able to convey all that wonderment around him. And yet whether there's fear or sadness, he's so expressive and part of the journey why this movie's so successfully mentioned great family film. Great that I can watch it with my kids is because of the fact you're so well versed in terms of motion capture and voice work and all that melding together. So in many ways to me, it feels like that the prototypical Andy circus project because it brings together all your towns. Do you feel the same way? I mean, I think yeah, I hope so I think that's that's what makes this lot different and slightly USA performs captures there for a major reason, which is that I really didn't want the animals in all those and to look like, you know, Discovery Channel real photo. Real Tigers and basin pants, and then with the voice sort of slapped on talk for me all comes from character..

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