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He's arraigned later this week John Ernest remains in custody without bail Republicans preparing for next year's elections, say Democrats want to push the country towards socialism, an argument, they hope will help persuade voters. Toback GOP candidates, but interviews over three dozen Colorado's leave it unclear. How successful that tactic? Will be hardly an hardly any volunteer that drift toward socialism is a key concern. Of theirs. Komo news time now nine Forty-six back to that synagogue shooting and the the overall violence with regard to anti-semitism, it's hard to know why people are drawn to that. But it is that social media is helping to spread its message the alleged gunman who killed one person and injured three others at that Powell. California's synagogue posted a manifesto on social media, something we've seen before covering the use of social media in these types of taxes. Washington Post senior editor Mark Fisher who joins me on the KOMO Newsline. Hi, mark. What do we know about the shooter's presence on social media before the attack? Well, he was certainly by his own account. Someone who was quite active of especially in some of the shady corners of the internet and social media sites where he was able to trade vice about how to carry out such an attack. So there's both the wide open spaces of Twitter and Facebook and places like that where the ideology is spread YouTube. But then there's also these quieter less popularly known places where people like ideology come together to discuss trade graft if you will. Some people have pointed out to what the president has or has not said while in the White House and tried to connect that to these types of attacks at houses of worship. But in your reporting, you say he was actually criticized by the shooter. Well, he was interesting. He was criticized both by the shooter and by those who were horrified by the shooting and the shooter distance themselves from both the president and from both liberals and conservatives alike, like many of these shooters he presents himself as without ideology. And. Unless you think of geology as this racist viewpoint that he post forward about somehow defending the European race against Jews. That's about the extent of his ideology. But the president did come in for some criticism from religious leaders across the country who wanted him to make a strong statement against this kind of terrorism. And in fact, prison did that on Saturday night at a campaign rally where he made a strong statement against the anti semitism that lurks behind these kinds of attacks as well as another religion. So at least this time the president's rhetoric does not seem to be as divisive as it was say after the school incident, Mark Fisher with the Washington Post is with us on this shooting at a synagogue over the weekend. I it seems anti-semitism is growing stronger in America is that factual or is it just blowout or because of social media. Well, that's an excellent point. And in fact, if you look at survey data over the last few decades Americans have become more, tolerant of other religions and express less in the way of anti-semitism than they did say thirty forty years ago that's consistent with findings and other countries to where anti semitic attitudes at least larger scale are diminished. But we have seen at the same time increasing anti-semitic events, whether it be shootings of vandalism Morrison those kinds of attacks. So it's kind of a mixed message clearly extremist are lectuing onto semitic ideas, in very much the same way that extremists have for centuries. Even as the larger population has grown more, tolerant Mark, thanks so much for being with us. This wanted to explain part of this article, which is worth a read all the way through Mark Fisher, along with Roxana Popa skip Heskey and get Epstein at the.

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