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It's a bastard is a gunner Touchdown. Busted college are the stupid store 99 yards. Bc leads 20 to 7. And I don't even have to ask. Take about Brendan Sebastian. Busted college defense. The stutter continues in Death Valley That was a 14 point. Turnaround in the opening half has heard from Lear Field, I MG College eagles of 21 to 7. Later in the second, they were lining up for a field goal when they get Halloween. Tricky. So Aaron Boone Mary on for the 40 Yard field goal attempt is they split out. Danny Tessitore is under center two sides. John Tessitore came up and played quarterback at the last second, and they may get a first down out of this. How about that? On fourth and two, he has played every position growing up from prep quarterback receiver. He's pulled off multiple cheap. It's with contact penalty results of the first down and he did it here. He split out. The tight end went under center played quarterback Andrew Clinton offsides. Wow, what a great call Bye, Jeff. Half Li and I know you have really grind on the week of to find out all the detailed histories. Brother John Tessitore. You're so you're so proud of him. What a huge play there from BCC Field goal you? Yes,.

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