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Jack build that that was a b side of I see a. Little prayer so that must have been that must have been like. Sixty eight so that would be I rock steady was. Seventy one so. That's second and that leaves angel was like around. Seventy six I want. To, say, so yeah we'll, go Rock. Steady was yes. That was second the first one was what was. The first house Jack. Belt, rock, steady angel Seventy three seventy three was take the points, away then Yeah Mitch we have three categories. Left we have divas next. Original I. Guess I'll try original original all, right I'm gonna play you one of Retha Franklin's. Famous songs but she was? Not the original artist they. Recorded this was, the, original tune just give me. The artists here we go W That would be the great Otis Redding One. Thing it was never here's a game Jumped. Off the dock Was nineteen sixty four. And hers was sixty seven Sixty four It was. Never here that's. All right he. Wrote it he got all the royalty laterally To. Go back, and listen. To the.

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