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A <hes> toy her weeden a weakness but her acting war kind she normally does and again we right. I back on almar app where we meet the kind her betrothed. He's like come to my chambers female. We have much to discuss and she's like yourself. I'm not yours command yet in superman's lie. Keep your hands away from her. Your filthy cost yourself self kind again takes events that and he's like we fighting for the right to marry her that no that's and again in this title where your type society if one man likes when another man likes us you have to fight for so so for <unk> grow up that way wasn't raised that way so that's not the way you don't fights just for a woman to him but these people are driven society they see this and they kicked it bends weeks eight hickory spurning her because he will fight for her maximum seizes and here's this and so she calls in the rebel prisoners captured third to show how strong she is. She's not a weakling. I bring the prisoners in and they turn the superman joy and spirits piteous have mercy and so again they turned for maximumness superman because surround and when captured him but also i think he may also be a bit of again as i talked about earlier male dominance e mails for the most part are considered the rulers in fact he says all time in fact it was watching a show the other day what was was now. Oh shoot t._v. Taught f._b._i. And this one guy was sent from washington. Whatever came in the office in introduced himself to jerry cisco his name is cisco saw my god himself would his actual bosses one was sitting next to him and and again just shows when people meet other people to thirty the automatically deferred to the mail when i may not be the case a._b. Be party going on here so max says she gets upset by this starts lashing out at them and cartridge strangers says no we can't torture them mm-hmm and so she chases them all out again they fight a little bit against a nice fight scenes here <hes> so the penalty here aren't quite as good some earlier panels annals again since i i love ryan itches artwork so much before simmons i gotta be on the inker and it looks like bryan hitch inc nece i know and i know some people were better someone else pencilling inking them. Maybe that's the case in bright hitches point maybe he it does work better having someone else inc over him because of these panels aren't as great a lot of other work. Yes sums gonna blame the fact that ryan. I don't know if he moves in a hurry or what happened here but yes these panels is very action packed. Maybe that's part of what's going it off a little bit but yeah they are working on these couple of panels or quite as magnificent there has been but again maxima samatha chair of the sport hall knocks down the ceiling on them again. Superman rescues her because that's what he does you know. She was angry enough to kill him and she's like you know. Why don't you leave me buried there. We have been hurt that you're mad died. When the ceiling came down your i saw was the warming so again either continue on answering trade to get close to her because lowest i'd because she was callisto so here's my house get close to him and again he commented he thinks about how he could have relationship with maxima but their their relationship is so volatile because again. She's very much of a warrior. Were him and lois was says he was a true. Melting of minden souls i. I like this panel here. You know they're really small in. It's not like the art but just the way we can rotate mike how can have a life here on iraq relationship max and so sometimes volatile lowest. I had a true melting of minds and souls is very poetic phrasing the as their there again maximum reading thoughts again. How lois is a ghost between them again that could that happens at the allen. Someone loses loved one or wife or husband and they try to move on relationship. Sometimes the ghost of that spouse that dead spouse sometime that's always there and that can cause a problem for the relationship so at this point for superman maxim they got two problems going into relationship one fact that again she so where like in that's not super man's mentality and also civilised lane is always gonna be there because again dan that was superman lover. His love is now. She's got his baby as access. I phrase that she's ruined ruined. Everything that yeah charge you colors lost milwaukee decline watching from behind the scenes and he wants to get rid of superman 'cause right now. Maximum wants him. He doesn't want her basis as your eventually he'll warm up to her in one or two and that has chance for the throne as lost again here on page eight number thirty something we get maximum complaining to sue about how as i was saying earlier everything she does compared to lois superman's mind and again since lows dead. You can't really any and a lot of people feel. The same way about dead loved loved ones they've done. They do no wrong so again. Compared to a warrior child threatening maxima <hes> a dead lois lane yeah he. She's not going to compete with that again here. She is getting a shout in the bath. She's negative. She's got her arm up over her breasts hiding them and got steam coming up hiding your other naughty bits again. She's a woman before i get sidetracked. Attract further <hes> she's completing says you how you know earth still there and this is you need help you can't destroy earth ghost rival north or did that loud kaley from your and so she gets kind of upset that suggestion she had offered so far as she acts helpless in front superman which has gotten anywhere suggested i act helpless and it hasn't learned bear the my arrogance because you're so ineffective effectively helpless what i get out just get out. I love al when she's flashing around and so on thank getting mad soap and water and steam and things keep flopping up hiring bits ensue like i talked about mia synopsis goes the kind and suggests that he destroys earth used to get out of the way and she knows that if destroyed superman winward go back to who so of course not stay at maximum and since kind only be when we destroying the earth thou makes tremendous get rid of him and they'll come together and maybe have a happy marriage and again sue says <unk> together she forgets. It's her the only problem with this story. Is that if you're at your mistress lady that shia. I guess she has a forget it. She does mention here here that i was gonna say that maximum can read minds but she just mentioned that here that you know she must simply avoid maximum reading that she was in her mind and her mistress has no interest in in her plans again. That's kind of a big thing to keep hidden from someone that can destroy a heartbeat if you piss off. I don't know i think the clan there's lacking something somewhere by now so we find out the cyborg declined left left abruptly and again people are talking about how because of cowardice off off their <unk> callo photo four your wife. He's still there and so they're they're watching their walk. You through the gardner and cermak strike still honest kick about you know what if you treat people with kindness though reciprocate kindness wager reminds you'll know my proposed method succeeds or fails equator all right then if she's tells them if few win. I'll give you your own. If i get a kiss freely given like all right and so she's yeah who the uh-huh subjects gonna be in superman zyppah will garters and so she asks kim for again the way she does tells you bring the best ripest fruit. Andy hurries off and brings it back again. She's all you garner. Quick reminder ripest most delicious fruit and servants like nicely please and the garter old low sprite type thing with wings flies around like said please to me she that beautiful terrible maximum oshman's wonderful murdering a smile at me like that she has a little smile nassau puzzilli and so yen the garner find the best greatest fruit. He's gotten brings to her like for you. Mr sibusiso garden has offer in truth. It's colour pels a killer of your smile and she's kind of taken back. That's the garnier because usually bring him to get out of the way but he's zero praising her and her because she was so nice tone any way out of good. How good tony is on her and that she was always like this. He were dan nights garden bloom like an order to the gods and so she's she's like oh wow yeah you one and saharan freely gives a kiss and and giving speeches at number number pages but a kiss why you one wages agents ship is yours instruments like i expect this time we have both won and they start kissing with butterflies. Worthies are flying around him and as and she said they're contemplating. Life says you brings her a bowl of fruit. What was this for the garners little weaned fellow he he starts the garden only these worthy of you and again so she realizes that maybe superman's right. Maybe you can get people kindness in it. Get better results than treating them. With scorn you know roar attitude will and superman's also contemplating things and think about how as i said you know maximums raised in this life this way she's known maybe she'd been raised on earth by a mob pocket type. She would be a different person and that he takes. Maybe could have a life whether that be seeing for what he sees. He's it's paying off. She's realizing that there is more to ruling people than having an iron fist so he's shipping back to earth and talk about armand paw and get their thoughts on its anti and so he leaves no for maximum saying he's going to do and she reads it. She's a good news. You know he's decide had to be with me. He's gonna his parents. No he's leaving earth. She's like regulations is also will be yours if when he needs a thank he must be far away from his his earth again like i said having a mistress a three jeremiah doing something that's been upset her not a good the idea because again she reads it in her thoughts and between thoughts and says you tell her the she space consenting to kinda straight earth wipe out the memory and.

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