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Reviews. And I think we have more than our share in American soccer. I've two more questions to impose upon you. The first one you are at Russia twenty eighteen what's your favorite memory allow because that tournament? I think I think we're still pining after. Yeah. For me. It's Laycock is dummy against Japan on their winning goal on the Brady that hope play really in the comeback. That Belgium had being down to nothing in the second half to Japan. That was just such a an exhilarating game. It was the best game at the tournament. And I yeah, I mean, I really enjoyed the whole thing in part because this was the first time ever I watched every game of the World Cup. Because the US wasn't there. I wasn't traveling around following the US in. So I literally watched every game on TV at the FOX compound in red square right near our studio. And so I was able to talk about the tournament and all the story lines with the knowledge of having seen the games. I was able to put together a best eleven and feel good about it. A my question is do you still hear from DJ Redan cool? I hang out wanna goes on Redan. Go has not or Leonid Leo has not been to the US yet. But we have exchanged messages. He had a new track come out not too long ago. And when he does come to New York, I would very much look forward to seeing him. I think we are going to connect on when you go for dinner. Do you sit at a table on your own eating and he's behind you kind of just UK? Throw it to him. It's what's most comfortable forever. I mean think about this by the way gusts hitting is in this group that I'm on this nightly show with Redan co the DJ Cobi Jones, Fernando, Fiore K tab dough. And it was a it was a good group of people. And I enjoyed that. I had if you told me a few years ago that I would be like on the air with Gus Hiddink and night. I would have said you're kidding me. And yet he in particular. It was a guy who I enjoyed spending time around and had much more of a sense of humor in a sense of fun about him than I would have expected. Very cool. Hey, this was great, man. We really appreciate the time should be a fun year for US soccer. We'll see which way it goes. But thank you for for coming in and setting us up with guys. I enjoyed it. Good stuff, man. Listening to KADO side soccer podcast..

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