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From more pundits. Let's hear from Mike Greenberg, host of Greenie with my Greenberg. He picks the Chiefs because of the aforementioned Patrick Mahomes. He's agreeing with the goat Patrick Mahomes. You just don't pick against this kid. Not against Brady. Not against that defense. Not in a true road game. Not in the rain. Not if he's in pain. You do not do it, Sam. I am Because he's the best and it's not too soon to say so. Brady is the greatest. It'll take a while for my homes to become that Patrick is the best. If you would quarrel over that for even a second, I ask you. If you were betting on Kansas City in this game And I gave you the choice of quarterbacks in the entire history of the league. Would you swap him out for anyone ever? Anyone ever. Montana at his best Brady at his best, Peyton and his best Unite is at his best. Sammy Baugh. Otto Graham, Anyone you want. Would you swap out Patrick Mahomes right now for any quarterback in the history of the sport. Meanwhile, Keyshawn Johnson on Keyshawn J will and Zubin said. Bruce Arians legacy can change completely with a Super Bowl victory. I think it's Bruce Arians. Bruce Arian has been a coach in this league as interim head coach won a Super Bowl as an assistant head coach at Pittsburgh. He's been in multiple playoff games. He's tutor a number of quarterbacks under his guidance, but in order for him to get into that particular conversation of is he a Hall of Fame coach. He needs to get the Super Bowl in his resume. I mean, he resurrected the Arizona card. Which, for the most part has always been like this win Some games didn't die for 15 years, need a coach to give him a post. He went in there he did that did he decided to retire. He's come back to do the same thing sort of to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. On top of that, J. He's big in the minority space, whether it's hiring women vying blacks, whatever the case may be, he does that He empowers people. So you package all that up that I just said, plus a Super Bowl win. Now you could kind of start to talk about. Him in that breath of is here. Hall of Fame coach. More NBA double overtime needed between the Lakers and Pistons won 26 1 22 is the current score with about a minute and a half remaining in the second extra frame. On Saturday night, the Knicks hosted the Blazers mics picking up the paint dries.

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