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I am Leigh Matthews. My saints one over the weekend, lovely wife, and I watched the game, and it started out kind of sloppy. I think the eagles were trying to do to the saints. What Alabama did Oklahoma callout strong? Yeah. What a bunch of a bunch of points on the board where out their defense because they thought that that New Orleans had a weaker defense, which maybe they did. But New Orleans had the last laugh. Yeah. Congratulations. So now they go on to the semifinals. Yes. They call the the in the NFC championship game. Yes. The NFC championship game. And then the winner that goes onto the Super Bowl they're playing the Rams Cowboys. Yeah. That's gonna be a good game. The Rams and the saints game. Yeah. Got the old man of the NFL. That was nothing pointed out as I got the young kid versus old man versus Sean Payton. He's already got us. Well, that's true. But the old man I'm talking about is drew drew Brees drew Brees and Gough another kid. Yeah. Is only the old man of the NFL. And then the oldest quarterback right now. Yes. No. No. No. Okay. Tom Brady's older. Okay. Okay. All right. Well, good for them. And I'll be rooting for the saints from here on out. And if the saints don't win it'll be another Super Bowl. I just don't give a hoot which happens a lot for me. And you've got the league game Sunday game with starts at five thirty. Yeah. In Kansas City is playing against the patriots in Kansas City. I don't know if I'm even gonna watch you know, why? 'cause a lovely wife, and I are supposed to go to town. We've got a cabin booked in the woods to get a quiet little winter get away. And it's looking like it's gonna snow like I said, so I don't know we may be stuck there. We may not come back. I don't know. A four one thousand star one thousand on NewsRadio one thousand K. Okay. Bills Zimper joining us from twenty four seven news Ivanka Trump's got the possible new gig. He's gonna tell us about that in about another five minutes. Mike writes Lee have you seen all over Facebook people posting their ten year old picture and putting it up against their current picture. Well, I for one can say that Facebook and the F B I say thank you for helping them update their facial recognition database with your current versus tenure go picture. I haven't done it. That's why that's why I don't do. Most of those things might get on the love Gannon. Yeah. You know? I didn't know it because I've lost more hair. Yeah. Okay. I don't mind pitch. Posting pictures of myself when I still a full head of hair. But I mean, that's why we're a ball cap because I have a big head, and it's baldness makes it look even bigger. So what you're not gonna go as they say, come home. You're not gonna just shaved it all off. And I may do that later. I'm not the lovely wife. Not ready for me to do that. She's not ready for either that she still wants something to run your hands through besides when she was going through chemotherapy, she was the Baldwin. So she, you know. Yeah. Meeting. We didn't need to completely bald people and I'm almost completely. But anyway. And now that hers is all growing Bakshi's griping about it being thicker and fuller. And I'm just like oh shut up. You lost here. Because the chemotherapy I lost here because of the Lord on not the Lord but genetics and I'm not getting mine back. Eight four one thousand star one thousand on NewsRadio one thousand Katie. Okay. And we'll be joined by this was a creepy request from a landscaper. Plus, we'll be joined by Bill Zimper Lee Matthews in the drop. And now a.

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