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All the kingdom was live. You heard him. You heard it. Pop it inside Arrowhead. They was on that Henny and Katie MOAs. The Chiefs win 20 to 17 going to another NFC championship game. Those Jeff Darlington talking with Travis Kelsey afterwards, Kirk, let me start with you. First and foremost. How did Andy Reid have the guts? To call that fourth and short pass play with under two minutes to go, and if they don't convert Baker Mayfield has less than half the field to try and go win the football game. I guess when you have Tyree kill doesn't matter whose quarterback and that's an easy completion. Because he got job security. That's why let's just keep it real because he got a contract extension. Let's be real Andy Reid. Andy Reid doesn't make that call last year before he won a Super Bowl. Let's be real. We would have ridiculed him for that. Come on, Andy really going for it? I don't think he had the onions to make that call last year. Now this year totally different. He's got a Super Bowl under what we have said Andy Reid was a bad coach. If they didn't convert there, we would have understood because he's a Super Bowl winning coach. You understand at that moment, hey, what he's thinking, but for how many people can raise their hand right now and say. Wow. I didn't even know Chad Henny was still in the NFL until he actually went in for Patrick Mahoney. Like Wow, chat him. He's still in the NFL, and you put a crucial play in the hands of a veteran quarterback of former starter In the NFL. I think it just goes to show you what Andy Reid, where he's at coaching wise, like one of the best coaches, I think in NFL history, he does have the ring. But I think moving forward you have to understand that. He is a God is going to regardless my homes in or not the culture that he has built in Kansas City. They feel like whoever's back there. They can win, especially those critical moments. Right, Monica. I want to get your thoughts on the quarterback situation in Kansas City as they get ready for Buffalo in the A F. C championship game here is head coach Andy Reid after the victory on how his star QB Patrick Holmes is doing, Chad and he's run was here. On that is obviously a couple throws there through the end. We're all so big. I take full responsibility for the long interception. That one That was my That's my that's on me, and I'm just I'm proud of Chad and the way he handled everything. And you know, he probably said it best when he said, Listen, You know this team is unbelievable when somebody has to come in and make him feel comfortable. And you know, that's what teams all about. So, um again, I'm just I'm proud of the way he handled things. Right. That was read more talking about Chad Hennings performance in relief of Patrick Mahomes. But If the Chiefs are not able to turn to my home's next week, Monica what type of chance do you give them against Josh Allen? The bills they will be at home. Since they have that number one overall seed, they'll get the host. In the A F C championship game. But as we know concussions are serious business in the NFL Me no more homes had to leave this game due to concussion protocol if he's not able to go to the chief's stand a chance. It's really hard for me to even seriously fathom the if because I feel like there's no way the face of the league is not out to fish in Sunday, but just in case if the other part of that is giving me Heart palpitations and flashbacks to backup quarterbacks of guy named Hi, Nikki. Representing my team Any was great in Oh, my God, I said it! I said I wasn't gonna say it. Anything is so lazy. Y'all come on. That's somebody Go.

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