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At guard five eleven sophomore from Houston to transfer from T. C. U. we are talking about a little while ago Kendrick Davis been spectacular so far this year second the league in scoring sixteen point two points a game personally gonna says seven point two he is seventh in the country in assists also regarding a six four junior from a ski he Oklahoma Tyson jolly this is his third college in three years he's an excellent player yeah which is fourteen point five points and six point nine rebounds the third guard in the starting line up to six four sophomore from Quebec City a manual fandom alley ever just six points and two point seven rebounds at forward one of the best three point shooters in the conference is six eight junior from Scarborough Ontario Isaiah might please knocking down forty three percent of his three point shots third best in the league and averaging nearly fifteen points a game but also it forward a big guy is six ten two hundred fifty pound junior I say at J. C. is a transfer from Texas a and M. yeah we just three points and two point three rebounds now for the Bearcats currently tied for third in the conference at five AM to at guard six five senior from Wilmington Schering tumbling he's averaging fourteen point three and a half ports and four six also apply to six five junior from Brooklyn Keith Williams averaging twelve points and five point three rebounds the starting point guards is six three freshmen from Syracuse New York Adams would lose everything about five points a game at four one six eight three you're from towns in Georgia he's averaging nine point three points and leads the team in rebounding with nine points to that support and it's still the seven one two hundred fifty pro junior the Mayfield Kentucky response seventeen thirteen fourteen point six point four rebounds and making sixty nine percent of his.

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