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Welsh whatever his the thing they've already launched an attack before brexit those to try to make it advisory but then brexit happened and it was fucking we hit brexit in counter intuitive ways short up the european convention partly because it just took up the fucking bandwidth and they just didn't have time you know they would say things like we will get to this. The moment of needs do this massive shit storm. We've created hit. The second part was that when they actually find the document the security chapter three of the brexit deal actually kind of forced you to stay with the hr and said look. If you don't then we're going to remove what security corporation. It's not clear whether the rest of the deal survive. I mean mesa think it would that all you do. Is you lose the security corporation pop and no one really wants to fucking lose that. So now they've got this panel and it's just like what are you gonna go. You can either say you can go the whole guns. Oh sort of way. Just look fucking. We're going to just put out of this motherfucker. I'm gonna take you know the new deal. Hr basically you're saying you know collapse your security cooperation. We just give detroit you or you can go back to the corner things they would try and do before and less than like a community in in domestic courts. See how that would fly. How much of a campaign. There'd be from the europeans. My guess would be on the latter purely because if you look at the judicial review bill if you look at the way the buckland. His has responded things rather than tell. It's a bit more incremental. It's a bit more new instance a bit more subtle. It's a bit more step by step. It's less sort of this. Fire and brimstone reactionary shit so on that basis. I'd be getting. They're they're gonna probably and unprepared to eat my words on this because they can always outdo themselves and being complete bastards but i think probably will be the more increments with the option gracie fitness that in probably singing. Yes yes human rights. I like those that good. What specific right so. We talked about as being under threat. If this act is is amended repeal changed from its current state the human whiteside protects lights important things it protects all by to freedom from torture freedom from slavery our private and family line hyman correspondence of freedom of expression of freedom of belief and religion of rights non-discrimination our right to liberty. I mean these fundamental freedoms in some of them may be protected in some ways in in in other areas flew by. I think the key point is the government has said it also wanna take any of these rights specifically what it's very likely to try to do is waken the mechanisms that means that we cannot use the human rights up to tactile so it might make it harder to bring legal case for example or at the public authorities are actually required acts compatibly without human rights so before we even get to something going wrong and having to go to that. She's not pro active duty on them and that could be taken away. Government is also supposed to look at the laws making and check that they are compatible with our rights and human rights about the strongest mechanism looking at the current rock of legislation before us. But something might so. I think it's not that the government is necessary to strip away any particular ryan. It's just gonna put them further out of reach for all of us power dot sickly saving that we don't pull out of the european convention human rights time saatchi gonna mean more people end up having to go to strasbourg to get a ruling that says that rights have been violated whereas the it's much easier to happen in british colds. The whole thing is kinda self defeating..

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