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To read a Kessler in the traffic sign Well right now if you're traveling through the area expect to be sitting in delays between the weather and the fact that it is the Friday of a holiday weekend You're just seeing a lot of abnormal volume throughout the area Let's take a look at the trip to the bay bridge eastbound 50 all the way back to the southern river bridge so we're looking at like a 6 mile back up trying to make your way headed toward the bay bridge The earlier wreck on the bridge has cleared because of the weather they can not run two way traffic on the westbound span So two lanes east bound two lanes westbound getting across the bridge and cape saint Clair and saint Moritz is very backed up trying to head into that delay as well We still have the delay on southbound route three coming from davidsonville road headed toward four 50 defense highway This is the crash with the vehicle on its side also delays on southbound 95 in Maryland from the ICC headed toward the split with the beltway where we had a report of a wreck Northbound 95 slows from the ICC toward one 98 and two 16 near one 98 is a report of a crash also southbound two ten between Palmer and old fort road north Colors report a tree that fell on what's not in the roadway it kind of fell off to the side of the roadway but it was a very large branch that is hanging dangerously in that right lane and with it being darker out because of The Rain It's a little hard to see so stick to the left side of the roadway on southbound two ten to avoid any issues there In Virginia on 28 watch for delays near westfield's boulevard causing delays in both directions southbound continues slow headed towards 66 but all the work zones in the area should have been picked up We're seeing volume delays along 95 No accidents reported in the roadway but just expect the slowdowns anywhere between Fredericksburg and Springfield along I 95 express lanes are appointed southbound now eastbound on the dulles toll road after exit ten centerville road and herndon the left side was blocked with the wreck At GDIT you ensure today is safe and tomorrow is smarter discover careers with impact apply now at GDIT dot com slash careers I'm Rita Kessler WTO traffic All right lots of watches and mornings some more Theodore storm team four tell us what the latest is All right so a lot going on We're going to start with the tornado warning which is the most imminent threat at the moment And that is now.

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