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Noon. Remember, the name is Theresa Berman, dork, and she's battled on my nephew. Dan, Mary, Julia slob, you know, dick slop slop roaring. Breweries in Pittsburgh. The beer here's it is. Yeah. Yeah. Julia. She married damn. Well know my, my nephew, Harry Julius live. How does you know more about it? I do. But Where'd you read about that? You were just a. Yeah. I read about. That's how I read about it. All right. Sorry. She wasn't on my nephew. Dan, Mary, Julia slob powder and pick slob at slot breweries in Pittsburgh, and she's joyous. Slob Burman told what am I supposed to like any of this? No. I don't like it. But Julius slob Berman is the sister. She's my, she's my sister-in-law. She's wait a minute. She's my nephew's. She's my nephew's wife, and then my sister, Theresa Mary, Bill dork, so the dork Muslim family, and the slum brewery is in the Bruin family. Well, yeah, I wouldn't I tell you the right now, I would trade it in tomorrow, for all of whatever you know, benefited us, financially and get my sister. My, my beautiful sister, Julia, and at that she was Theresa. Recent julius. Boy, oh, boy, you're saying tight, it'll say anything, they did have you had an interview of saying you, I, I was, I had an alcohol problem, you know, filling in an interview with LA magazine. I mentioned that Julia, my nephew's wife was attractive since about the choice. Things got Got done. it is. It's amazing. You are still employed. Okay. Thanks a lot. Is this going to be pylon Deng Berman because he's, he's we haven't mentioned one thing about the penalty United States yet. Yes, we have. But you're the guy that wanted you're talking about the, the Berman name, but Berman name has been dragged through every kind of garbage heap and every garbage dumped within the city limits. Okay. But don't role the bur- I want that to sink in. And I wanted to I want you to marinate in that Berman name has been dragged to every garbage dump within the LA city limits. Well, whose flow is that done? I didn't say it wasn't my phone. You're in, in an interview with L A magazine beyond, you can't find a bunch of this panel saying you, you, you, you just did a you did a Porky pig ban for the ages right there. Oh man. I. Show here with John Berman will be right back sill. No, no, no. We'll be right back. Phil Emery show is brought to you by. Worke pig language schools. What language do you need to learn? Are you going overseas to another country where they don't talk English?.

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