Shane Ray, Defensive Coordinator, Washington discussed on Colorado's Morning News


Yeah i have all the faith in those guys rockies off today they'll start a threegame series in cincinnati tomorrow golden state warriors take a to nothing lead in the nba finals beat cleveland one twenty to one or three in oakland last night steph curry and way go hit a record nine three pointers far hash mark crossover dribble i love floats it over to draw back to curry hill quick release it's up it's good he got fouled by kevin tim roy ninety five seven the game four point play with five forty four to go pretty much put it away one oh nine ninety three warriors at that point curry finished with thirty three point nine of seventeen from downtown he broke ray allen's record of eight three pointers in an nba finals game that's a pretty cool dude to accomplish knowing who's held the record for six eight years but then a day is all about trying to get a win doing whatever you can to make that happen lebron james had twenty nine points nine rebounds and thirteen assists series now heads to cleveland game three will be wednesday night the nba is planning to experiment with a coach's challenge system for referees calls during the las vegas summer league officials still working on how the coaches will trigger the challenge in what the exact rules will be stanley cup finals resumes tonight in washington capitals lead the golden knights two games to one broncos back on the practice field another week of ota's at uc help training center last year of course the broncos selected demarcus walker in the second round he was an inside pass rusher in college whom they then moved to linebacker when shane ray got hurt in training camp defensive coordinator joe would says walker is back up front now he's improving you know last year you know he was a personal player for us we felt like he could play outside linebacker and defensive line position with the android moving to outside line right now we said hey you're a defensive line so he's put the.

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