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Donald Shorty Shea in August of nineteen sixty nine a conspiracy commit murder and robbery he began his sets in nineteen seventy two forty seven years all I think hi yeah he was the driver the card yeah these people came up on the property they were coming to the party yeah and yeah he did kill somebody so yeah that's crazy he said he found religion in jail as usually do and we go to a transition home on release and would like to contribute continue his prison work as a quality control inspector on the outside he also told the board that he suffers from a respiratory disease it is in need of a hip replacement so what I think what they like to other people the members of the Manson family out to their two others that I guess have been released but the rest of them either dead or still in jail but I don't think he did I think you might have been there but I don't think he actually did the killing if they did the killing he's in jail for life I mean to you a little guy and the killings of but if you just part of it and he was an accomplice forty seven years long time yeah so he's gonna do any damage all right so the other thing the other my also obviously is the man landing on the moon the moon landing let people still think it's fake really sure people still think that's fake because a lot of stupid people in the world that was done on a sound stage that Stanley Kubrick was behind it Capricorn one yeah there was a sound stage performance yeah do you yeah I'm I'm not going to waste everybody's time if you want to do it later on look online is look at moon landing conspiracy you'll just see a bunch of stuff but in a recent interview Apollo sixty national Charlie Duke was a member of the Manson family to a sensor he recalls one of the more harrowing moments in his brief stay on the moon but unfortunate tumble put Duke's life in jeopardy at the worst possible moment he ultimately had does exist nobody else to blame but himself because he tried to he tried to do something on the surface of the move because of gravity Ellie almost the end up dead I guess the backpack that they wear is as heavy as what he was is Wes is actual for his actual weight yeah but we could put it but in in space at the it's like nothing but it was still heavy so he went on the he he he went out and tried to do the job up in the air yeah I do something like that and he says he fell backwards is the fiberglass shell it as a kid it contains all your life support systems so he said if it broke use use that wow right luckily didn't break did he know that when he started doing all this stuff no well I guess he knew it but he thought to be able to he wanted to perform his best high job he said you've just landed on the moon you're the first human being you know he was the first with doesn't matter but one of the many yeah but but yeah that's not enough high you gotta make your high jump growth it says here that do global mission commander John Young having a few more moments left on the moon surface before heading back to the lunar module decided they were gonna do some called the moon Olympics that's been my friends and I there were eleven I told about that yeah we just got naked and just ran back in down the street and back whatever was immaculate as we could in the middle of ex was there were a lot of movies there so phones out tonight yes the minute he was horsing around and did his best the performance of a high job lodgings of several feet up off the lunar service thanks to the reduced gravity but they just almost went bad and it could kill himself soon as I learned a lesson never do anything in space that you haven't practiced yeah if I'm gonna die in space on a do it doing a backflip Donna hi John yeah right at a little florist to a least where yeah it's a showmanship was funny because these guys are I don't know how long you trained to be an astronaut and you pick to be the best of the best amongst all the astronauts but even you pick the best the best they're still when you break it break it down still gonna do don't be guy stuff guys are just dumb which is dopey doesn't matter you can be done you could you could have we seen stuff people the viral videos people doing stupid stuff guys who do the job of the roof well it'll be for you originally the first after arts world test pilots would yeah those were like death Dodgers to begin with right and there's all kinds of stories about all the stuff that those and they're extremely competitive with one another yeah and there's all kinds of stories about what went on up there the Cape back in the sixties and the early infancy of the program and how those to the competitive spirit almost got the best of all our transition when it when we break it all down that's a matter how old you are how much it accomplishes the man was still eight year old boys and act like it this is true all right so I got a story about a a doctor we talk about it's Canada Day and I guarantee you this is a one of.

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