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After our bonus hour on the stream at some point during our stream visit today, we probably talk a little bit about last night's Golden Globe awards. I don't know if you've got to see him or awards sag awards, right? Bits and pieces of it. What did you think? I'm kind of burnt on words already. Yeah. I know this is pre-oscars. There are too many all in a row, they should spread them out a little bit. Then you know, when you're hankering for an awards show. You. Yeah. I that. There's too many. But it seems like it's the same people and movies nominated players slightly different. He saw a little bit different outcome yesterday. Megan mullaly. I don't know. How to say your name is Megan. Yeah, she's great. She hosted she wasn't on much. She was on at the very beginning a little bit in the middle and at the very end. And that was about it. She's hardly was explaining that. It's like she was on. And then she wasn't back on for forty five minutes. Leave host. They have separate people come out and introduce the categories. They don't really the host does that. They didn't just a voiceover announcement. This time around was it that lady I love. No from the Oscars was different lady. It's different lady. I am starting to buy into Hollywood's new cutest couple. Do you know who they are? Now that would be John Krasinski of the office and Emily blunt. Everybody's been saying for the last few weeks there, America's favorite. A couple now. And I'm like, I'm not sure they are. But then last night, I went, no, I'm wrong. A couple now I'll see thanked her hubby every time they do anything in public. That's what they do is. They gushed about each other. And that's what you're supposed. If you know if you're that. Let's get sick of the gushing. I I don't get sick of the gushing. I enjoy the gushing. I want more gosh, I call them. And I say, please Gus up. I'm watching I wanna see some shit. Gosh, it up for the kids. They are pretty darn cute. And both of them, very very talented. You know, I didn't know what life would be after Jim from the office. Right. You thought maybe he might get kind of pigeonholed is playing guy. No. He's Jack Ryan and nine now his movie amazing. Yeah. Doing okay. He's doing fine. A lot is being made of Michael Jordan's. Yeah. Yeah. I didn't see that. A sports. Does look like that. It was never fully explained. Why he was wearing that? When you first saw him you thought. Well, he's obviously been in some sort of an accident. I don't know what happened, but he's got a sling on. But that wasn't the case at all. It's a very peculiar look. Okay. I will look for that. There's also a trend now with these these kind of tuxedos where they're not just one color. There's kind of a design on them love that much. Sure. Well, sure because. No, no, no, go. I wanna traditional tuxedo. When I'm wearing a tux. Wendy. I want people even think I'm a maitre dear JAMES BOND. I don't want people to wonder what's on your tuxedo. Why why is there? Butterflies tuxedo? Well, some of them are just too embellished. It's like they took a B Dassler and put something on it. But then other like I like the like pays Lee print or something. I think it's really cool. It's just an update on a traditional luck. Do you know who Darren criss is? Peterson's brother related to Peter Chris at all he used to be on glee, and then he just played Andrew Cunanan. Oh, yeah. Yeah. He's he's a very good actor very talented guy. But he keeps wearing tuxedos that I'm not sure how to describe them. They're they are tuxedos. They look like tuxedos. But they always have a design all over them. They're like from another. They're like tuxedos Rin another dimension. Yeah. That might be too much. My new crush Timothy shallow may had one of those bibs onto. Yeah. Yeah. It's just it was what do you like about him? Mrs robinson. Oh my God. I saw beautiful boy. And he's a great actor and he's just adorable. Yeah. Sorry. You don't have to be sorry. That's right. Cuckoo cuckoo. I did see his posters in your office. This morning. It was not interesting. Look, we'll take a break or we're just going straight to news. Yeah. Street to news. It's news time right now, it's all sponsored by the Lindemann chimney and fireplace people here with news is Ryan burrow. Let's go straight to the office of emergency management. Mayor Rahm Emanuel holding a press conference right.

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