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What's your life going to be like your day to day life? I think that's such a great selling point for colleges, but I think it's a great lesson for everyone who's listening because I can buy unless you have the most unique product. I can buy it in a million different places. So I have to understand why I should do business with you and part of that is what's surrounds that product. So I really applaud that. I think that's such a great lesson to be learned. Yeah. Yeah, it was a lot of fun. I think one of the most fun moments I had decides the polar vortex was Nicki Minaj paid for the tuition of one of our students. And people were freaking out about it, of course. And there was a student who said, I wish that I, because the student had tweeted Nicki Minaj, there was a student who said in the comments of the post, I wish I could tweet Jon Snow and have him pay for my tuition and I responded as the college and said, well, you can. It's called sending a crow and everyone was freaking out like, did the college account just make a Game of Thrones reference? That's like, yes, I did. Yes, I did. I just watched it and I know but that reference was. But see, I think that's the point and you've said it a few times, is social media is social. It's supposed to be fun. When it becomes to clinical, when it just becomes give me give me sign up sign up sign up. I think that's where we all become disconnected because now you're just marketing at me versus involving me, you know, we really want I'm hoping that people really are getting from what you're saying is that social media is like peering through the fence and going, oh, I want to go over there. What's happening over there, that engages. That makes me want to learn more about your school, your product, your service. And I think that's really, really fascinating. So then talk to me about the jump.

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