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Me very curious that line. Yeah i got this from dr robert mahala and He was a professor at asbury Seminary we had him at our church. Times delightful man. Pass away a couple of years ago. Yeah it's it's the notion that i could be in the world we're got to be in the world for god is in many respects. It's i am carrying a particular banner that i think god is concerned about and so whatever the issue is i'm going to carry that in the name of god i'm going to defend. I'm going to highlight the particular things that i think god is either mad about or are are paying about whatever it might be. But here's the thing about their. I can be in the world for god without gone. I can do all that without a relationship with gone to be in god's love the world. I'm not saying in doing that. I am not a placing an emphasis on being with god without being engaged in the world for both of these things. It's it's engaging world we're reaching the world where announcing the good news of the kingdom of god but in one sense i could do it without god and up into the former sense of in god for the world. I'm doing it with gone. I'm doing it in god. My very life now is an overflow of god's gracious activity in my life so it's it's very interesting and i think jesus gets at this when he when all these people say we did all these things in your name we did this and we cast out demons and we did all this. Jesus i never knew. I i never knew who you were. I think those folks were in the world for gone But those who are in god for the world are actually cultivating dislike with got not of which they speak and lives and serve. I mean asking really controversial question. Ready what does it mean for the people. That are the ladder like to. Are you curious about salvation for a lot of christians right now like how does that feel when you look out and you see so many christians that are angry and doing exactly what you just said. Does that scare you for them. Or where do you put that in your mind absolutely. I'm frank for anyone who is in the world for god and that kind of way. Usually the folks who are in the world's forgotten that way are very anxious are fear driven Which then brings out that kind of animosity anger ushering marginalization. It flows out of a place of the fear and anxiety and for me it it demonstrates there is a level of bondage there because those who do those who are in god for the world are those who have the fruit of the spirit activated in them. There's a joy there's a piece. There's not a striving there's not a coercion. There's no manipulation. It's you're getting the best of the spirit of god flowing through you and so for the folks who are in that other category. My heart grieves significantly. Because for me it it feels like you know the the language that paul uses. It looks like faith but lacks the power there of this is that versus giving my mind right now but Has like this this this showing of faith but it lacks power lack but an but the power of god demonstrated by the fruit of the spirit. And so my heart grieves for people because to live in that way is often marked by deep deep fear and anxiety and i trust god is gracious to these people and offers peace to these people but It is quite a terrible existence to when.

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