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Textbook goes i should have radical surgery and chemo radiation well she was refusing everything except our treatment and she went through our treatment for the volvo are area new england area and she came back this week with a new scan and the good news is number one she's in remission bravo to her gratulations and number two the questionable lesion in the back of her abdomen retro name has gone so whether that was inflammatory most likely it was and right now she is in remission doing well pleased with her results just treated with radio surgery here at thirteen four broadway where we have the biggest experience the longest experience in america with radio surgery congratulations good news out about another woman who came from iran his sixty six years old she has metastatic breast cancer stage four his first started fifteen years ago to the breast he's been on chemotherapy for years and something like we talked about a couple of minutes ago he's been on chemotherapy for years and usually if chemotherapy is going to work it's going to work in the first few months usually it doesn't work so great months and years later and in her case that's certainly been the case she has a biopsy proven recurrences kantian miliver cancer in the bone severe pain and i just don't understand i was at a dinner meeting a few months ago has lots of chemo doctors and they're talking about how they give chemo to their cancer patients with pain how most of the patients have pain and i said well our patients don't have pain you should send them to radio surgery new york thirteen eighty four broadway because there's ways is to hit the cancer to stop the pain when cancer goes to the bone and they're suffering there's no reason for the patient to be in pain there's no reason to be suffering there's no reason just to get more and more arcata six chemo and the pain gets worse again more narcotics and the patient get more constipated more dizzy and more side effects when most likely we can hit the cancer that's what we do that's what we pioneered and you can see come in and see our patients most of them have no pain no suffering and that's the.

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