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Welcome to an emergency so low. Post hoop collected podcasts. Where i think. I just blacked out for three hours and i'm not even sure what happened but kevin durant played one of the greatest games. A human being has ever played in any individual sport. Ever and with james harden not moving and kyrie irving not available and the bucks ahead by sixteen points or something like that. That's found a way to win. And i just we just had to do a podcast about because the game was that crazy. That good windy Are you coming down from an adrenalin. Hi how you doing you would just you had to do this. And you know we didn't get to sometimes we're at games together like this and we can in together. That isn't the case. But obviously we're going to do it like this so let me ask you this. You have a thing where you watched games on your computer on a delay. Did you stick with your delay or did you. Did you rush forward because you wanted to see how this how this was. Turning out. The handy thing about about that about close games is that it's easy to catch up at the end because there are so many stoppages time out so by the last five minutes of the game i was caught up and i just i mean we can read the stat line forty nine points. Seventeen rebounds ten assists three steals two blacks sixteen of twenty three from the field thirteen sixteen from the line. Like that's not even real and windy. I didn't even know that it was like allowed to play the entirety of an nba game. Anymore i couldn't believe that he'd never came out of the game. I kept waiting. You usually get the take about with forty five seconds left in the second quarter steal them omitted of respite. He kevin durant played the entire game. And it was just. It was just magical and i want to start there before we get into. What just a catastrophe. This is for the bucks. In for mike budenholzer in what just how unwatchable they were offense late in the game and all the dumb things. They did on both ends of the floor. I just think we need to sit and soak in and sit in that game because two years ago we did it. Emergency pocket post game finals. Podcasts in toronto where shellshocked you told me we should probably talk about. Kevin durant getting injured. And as we were doing that. Podcast bob myers was crying at a press conference And you just didn't know what was going to happen with. Kevin durant and for him to do this with james harden james harden was twenty. Eleven jason kidd. He was playing quarterback from half court. That's all he could do. He could not move on defense at all which committed war unconscionable that the bucks did not attack him all the time. They did little for fadeaway jumper against. We'll go with that but we need to just soak in. I don't want to compare it to other games really. I don't want to sit here and do the basketball reference search. How many people had forty five blah blah. It was just that stretch. I don't know what it was. I blacked that black. Those either the third quarter the fourth quarter where he ran pick a role at brook lopez over and over again and then pat constitute over and over again and hit jumper after jump after jump at one point in my notes i just wrote all my god kevin durant okay so to a conic moments in this game one durant after hitting that crazy off balanced three when they had that horrible possession where harden like was meandering like thirty feet from the basket and nita's bail them out and he looks up in the sky and just says you know he he just is totally bathing in the moment. That is an iconic moment for kevin durant. I know that again. I don't wanna compare it. I don't want to compare it to his three. Hit in the finals over. Lebron would ever was an iconic around and will see that moment him looking up into the ceiling for a long time and then immediately after the game. Steve nash hugging him. You know just hugging him with that. Look on his face like my god you build us out. Those are iconic images coming from the psychotic game and i want to say that kevin durant does it. I'm not even going down this path but kevin durant. Does it need this game to cement his career. He is a champion and two time finals. Mvp regular-season vp's he's an. He's he's untouchable player. But this game is right there at the top. And i want to read some things about putting some perspective. We scored thirty one points in the second. Half second most of his postseason In the postseason half of his career. I don't know when the he's scored more but it wasn't biz valuable. I can tell you that He scored or assisted on forty nine of the nets points in the second half. I mean let's also not forget that you mentioned his seventeen rebounds. He was eight of eleven on contested. Shot attemps in the second in the second half so like. I know that the bucks weren't playing perfect and you can argue about double teaming him and using middleton on him instead of janas When pj tucker got the foul trouble and you're all kinds of things they were contesting him and his shot is indefensible. So it's not a surprise but still eight of eleven under that kind of pressure and head miss. His teammates were seven of eight off his assist attempts in the second half so not only i mean part of it was jeff was unconsciousness game but not only was he scoring like he threw. He set up eight times for assists and seven of them. Were hit a forty nine. Points are the most in postseason history by a player who's over. Who's team overcame a fifteen point halftime deficit to win. That's a long way of saying it's one of the greatest comeback performances ever In the fourth quarter. I mentioned the second half in the fourth quarter. He scored or assisted on twenty four. The nets thirty three points he. The nets had twenty one possessions. Durant had a touch on eighteen of them. The nets went over one with a turnover in two free throws on the pun. The three plays durant didn't touch in the quarter And in the fourth quarter all nine of his shots were contested I mean i honestly could go on. But i think you get the point. Is that not only was this a spectacular performance but it was a performance under extraordinary duress playing for the season. And everything like that. And so when you see a game like this in the postseason with your teams game on the line. I mean this is the kind of stuff that megastars superstars are made of. And this is why teams tank. This is why teams scheme for years to get players like this. We saw this with to a certain extent in game six in the last round against dallas. But this was even better than that Because of the difficulty of the situation that they were facing with all the injuries and whatnot so This is why these players are so valuable. This swine teams bend over backwards and call over glass and and plot and scheme begging cheat and steal to get these transcendent players and this is why the nets still have a chance to win the title this year more than all of that it was just magical to watch. It was magical. This.

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