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Tiki and you don't take the vehicle nature of the way we per speed perceived. Sporting icons, both in the playing sense, but obviously also in the coaching and managerial sense, Right. I want to point out something about Dave Roberts and the point that that I made earlier and and nobody really vehemently disagreed that Clayton Kershaw was an all timer before this championship was punctuated. But now you know you have all those lines, The MVP the multiple Cy Youngs, blah, blah, blah. Five times are a champ, etcetera, etcetera. A World Series champion, and in the eyes of some will now catapult him where I believe he rightfully belonged anyway. You know, top 10 12 pitcher of all time. And some modern names that are on that list for me, you know, without going back to the black and white pictures paid no order. Pedro's there for me. Seaver's there for me. Greg Maddux is there for me, Randy Johnson and Roger Clemens, and that's where it ends for. For my as I comprised my old time pitching a list, but About Dave Roberts, right? Think about the narrative with Dave Roberts before he gets his first World Series championship. Dave Roberts was on the brink of getting fired. If they don't win this world, Siri's he really might get fired and if they don't want to fire him In the aftermath of a pandemic season. Then you'd be fired next year if they don't win the World Series, And suddenly you go from that to Wow. Look at Dave Roberts Back in 2019 106 games. Wow! Back in 2017. He won 100 for games. He's got three penance is the World Series champion. He goes from a guy who was almost on the firing squad line, too. He's another world. Siri's away from being a hole. The Famer. Yeah, No, it's crazy. How Winning a championship can just change your perspective on on somebody and again, it's It is unfair because he has been such a good skip. You don't know. You don't win 100, plus games and get to the You know the the world. Syriza's often as he did with this with the right, like attitude, the right demeanor and he's a professional. Skip made you feel it. You see it, But when you keep fallin short, you get there and you keep fallen short. Then obviously there's something something wrong. And now he's he's he's erased that it's no, it's it will never be a conversation point with Dave Roberts anymore about not being able to win the big one not dissimilar to Clayton Kershaw, because that was it was kind of the same thing. Now. The greatness of Clayton Kershaw wasn't in wasn't up for debate. The postseason issues were up for debate. But the greatness of Clayton Kershaw wasn't up for a debate, like the greatness of Dave Roberts was up for debate because a sous manager You gotta win. You know a za player? Yeah, you can. You could mask it by being elite, You know, I mean, winning Cy Young's doing things in the regular season that we always talk about. But as a manager, you better win the big one. Otherwise, there's always going to be that that thought that you you just couldn't pull through. Well, you say you could mask it, but I would challenge you and I would say it depends on the support. James Harden can't mask it. Yeah, well, I'm talking about baseball. No, I know, But I'm saying that there's a huge difference just to point that out from Yeah, I mean, if James if James Harden Ends up winning. Yeah, You're probably right because basketball is it's so it's an individual came even though it is a team was on it, and it's a two person game. I look at it like if you have two guys, then you should be able to win a championship type of thing. Where is baseball? You could be one of the greatest players of all time. Top two or three even and never get a chance to win a World Series. Looking in the NFL is the same way. Dan Marino's one of the best players to ever play the position. He's certainly the best in his era ATT quarterback he played in one championships. It's so much about all the other Like teammates, and it's circumstances in certain circumstances and other sports other than basketball basketball. If you are like the man, you better win a championship. Yes, the only problem with the circumstances They get blurry, and they eventually evaporate over time. Like you know, a guy the players who had their championship blocked by Jordan, You know, it's not just doing its Reggie Miller as well as few others, too. Barkley Thiss the that will. I mean, for those of us who are still around to say it in years, years years, it will be said, But you know, the circumstances of the pursue will get, you know, old and gray wither away. If they blend in, they're not important. Did you win that you lose? Even like what? Marino, you know, Think about this. Like they He had a couple of great wide receivers. But, you know, I never really had a great running attack. Never had a great diva like you Almost forget about that. You know, Andi, it's a shame because the circumstances are paramount. And and highly influential on the outcome. And, you know, even as a manager. I mean, think about this. Joe Torry. Joe Torey was a middling manager for a long time loved he was a broadcast or matter fact. You know, a little revitalization with cardinals, but with the Mets they were terrible. He got lost 100 games pretty much every year. Ah, lice renaissance with the Braves in the early eighties..

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