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Next Mason in Ireland ESPN LA. Hey, we're starting the show. Again, why we shouldn't. I have no idea. Jay why research? Started the show did the first segment not like it for segment to get it actually go out into the ethos or with just starting didn't have by the way. It's it's into the ether not the size said ethos. And I mean, it ethos is like a work ethic. Right. Ether is out into the into the space into the units. Winter you correcting me on my no, I always correct you. But my most of the time it turns out that the words you made up are actually write. These are two words that are both words you just misuse one. Other words for one of the synonyms for ethos is atmosphere is very quick sonic of you. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yesterday. I tried to slide by with quiz quixotic. And it was pressed. Yeah. That was it was completely wrong. Use of the word. All right. So lakers. Just got the doors blown off last night. Well, how's the how's the chant go LeBron's going to trade? You get that was real. That was Ingram goes to the free throw line. And I don't even know how they coordinated it. No. It's very impressive. They must add a cheerleader. Right. Your leader. I've no idea. What that was do. I did you play something. That was Brandon Ingram on the fans. Chanting does the actual thought it was I thought it was actually the fans chanting, but it's not it's this. Still with roles. I mean, not bad through in her worse. Way worse things that Amman while vow bogdonovich tumor. Folded state was not the twenty one for the field three via four before that when he was on that ridiculous. Tear fat seventy percent during those four games has habits twenty two over the last seven. So it's a nice were hit affects. Was Billy mattress ignoring it. Yes. Was he pretending it wasn't even happening. Yes. That's exactly what he was brilliant brilliant. I have no idea what he said. All I heard was the chanting did you? Yeah. What what Billy said sort of faded in the background. Did you acknowledge it zero? What did not acknowledge it during the game? Why? Because we're the Laker stays you're describing what's actually happening in the arena. It's part of the game. Didn't do it. Wow. Did not want to do to get his because plain as day. We were we were sitting at home listening to it. Right. And it was the lead on sportscenter. Yeah. But it was during the game. You know, we're working for the Lakers. So why would we highlight chat that says with wait a minute? But I mean, realistically, they there's there's not it's not entirely untrue. No, wait a minute. It's one hundred percent true. Right. I I'm I'm saying, well, I mean, the idea of the LeBron is personally doing it is is not exactly true is is little Bryant can't get on the phone in trade someone. He I mean, he can Couve convince. Magic to do it. Right. Right. Lebron's not on his phone trade. You know, here's a thing. John. I you said go out and get Bradley Beal or somebody would you? I just wanted to ask if you would consider I mean, in my mind, you've you've got limited options here. This is this is the problem. You've got limited options. You.

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