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18665. Oh, Jimbo 1866554626. This pandemic is hanging on. As we take some of your calls at 18665 Oh, Jimbo 1866554626. We're talking with Patty Olinger and infectious disease expert executive director. Of the global Bio Risk Advisory Council as we go to some calls Is it possible or even likely that Uh, covid. 19 will wind up being like the flu that is to say, yeah, it kills a lot of people, but we we get used to it. Let's face it. The flu takes a toll every year, but we're used to it just like car accidents. We're used to it. No, but we weren't used to. Is it likely that we're going to get used to it? And every year we'll have to get with our flu shot a covid shot or maybe you'll even be in the same shot. To update us on the latest variations. We all know about the flu, of course, your garden variety flu, which I guess was the the ancestors of what happened in 1918. Your garden variety flu changes a little bit every year, and every year they changed the flu shot. And they hope they get it right is covid going to be around in the in that kind of, uh of capacity in perpetuity? We don't know yet, but I think that when, when I talked to some of my colleagues, that's one of the things that they're concerned about is that it becomes basically what we would call endemic and that just as you just described just like the flu every year, it may maybe we're different dealing with a different what we called variant. And that we have to have our boosters once a year. Uh, we just don't know yet And so unfortunately, we're still in the weight with the I guess there are about 30,000 car deaths every year in this country, and no one is suggesting that we could even survive without vehicular traffic. How many people die of your garden variety flu every year that we sort of shrug off because It happens. It depends upon the year every year is a little different, obviously, because of the different variants that are out there and what our flu shots and we had, how well it is, you know, prepared for the flu that we actually have. Waiting. It's anywhere between 30 and 80,000 Deaths, 30 and 80,000 every year and again and again. I know the fact that Okay, we accept that. I mean, nobody. Nobody gets squirrely about it. I just, you know, note that a lot of this is expectations. And in the Covid hadn't entered our our realm of expectations yet. So, you know, I think that Yeah, it's the other thing is that this may have, you know, I guess maybe made us a little bit more aware of it. Even the flu, right? Uh, realizing that we didn't have many flu deaths are last year. It was because of a lot of the things that we were doing, you know, washing our hands social distancing during the basically through season and I'm cleaning interest infecting services. The high touch points and so Uh, we've we've protected a lot of people from dying from the flu this last year. Let's talk to Wendy in coastal North Carolina. Hello, Wendy. Hello, Mr Bowen. And I'm so thankful you took my call, and I respect you and all of your guests. Um, A second caller talked few couple years ago after Florence But anyway, I'm real quick. I'll let you go. But I just wanted to encourage people to do their homework. Get on websites. There are so many unanswered questions and so many unanswered. Um you know, people are people are living in fear. I don't watch television. I listen to radio reputable, reputable radio like you, um and many other reputable stations. I try to get all my information. Um, I have been Differentiated in many different ways, because I haven't gotten quote shot. Um only because I'm concerned I'm not this crazy person who is an anti-vaxxer. I am 57 years old. I ride my bike every day. I'm very fortunate that I'm healthy and I live on the coast. I try to eat, right? I don't want to talk too much here, but I just encourage people to do their homework. I don't watch mainstream media. They I have friends and family who have they hate me. Um, they just think I'm They just hate me because I haven't gotten the shot and and that's okay. Well, they shouldn't hate my life. Well, No, they a lot of them. Hate me, Jim. Well, I know I I don't doubt it. I'm simply saying that they should not. They should not hate you. I'd like our guest to respond. Patty. Pardon me, Wendy. Is one of those people, uh, who was not obviously among those who believe that you take the shot and they'll inject a computer chip into that lets the government control your mind or Or the vaccine was made from aborted fetal tissue. There are a lot of just utter nonsense that makes the rounds out their petty, Uh Wendy in coastal North Carolina is not one of those people she has concerned she has questions. Any answers for people like Wendy? Absolutely. Yeah. I mean, Wendy, There's no doubt you know, I'm projecting And I'm you know, especially with this covid pandemic that we're experience right now, you know the pharmaceutical companies that have been out there, you know, they really have if you look at what they've done And the research that has been done have done a tremendous amount of research and the if you think about how many people have received that vaccine and the very, very low rate of Of adverse what they call every reaction. Um, it's we're at a point now, especially now, with the fighters being completely approved by the FDA. It's one of it's a very safe vaccine. Now that being said Obviously you have the choice not to take it or not. But my recommendation to you would be understand what those other non pharmaceutical interventions or what they what they what they are to you wearing your mask. You know, keeping your distance washing your hands. And paying attention when you're into public spaces, especially public where there's a lot of people, you know, making sure that you are in control of your your area, And if you think you might have been exposed You know, stay away from other people who may be very vulnerable. Who can't get the vaccine but want to get it and are, you know, maybe Immuno compromised. I too have, uh, firmly in favor of people getting the vaccine. I've gotten every shot I can get. Uh And will continue and get more as circumstances may so so indicate, you know, I think we should keep in mind. Nothing is perfect. The idea of holding anything vaccines or anything else to perfection. I mean, obviously, as we know, at the moment of automobiles are not perfect, 30,000 or so people die every year from them in this country. We don't talk about banning automobiles. Perfection is a Human goal. It is not attainable and a lot of the risk factors I gather Patty Olinger associated with this vaccine are in the category of, uh uh, your risk of getting eaten by a shark or your risk of getting hit by lightning. Oh, absolutely. And from my medical friends, you know the doctors out there that I've talked to that actually have been working in some of these units. Um, yes, getting this virus and getting very ill. The serious illness, which we know the vaccine protects against. And that protects better than virtually any vaccines in history. Yeah..

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