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The blessing is that if they do go 10 6 blessing. The likelihood is that Ryan Pace picks up Mitch Stravinsky's 50 or option. Kind of like things like using a disguise like that's the one thing where I truly believe that Ryan Pace would be so it was the only way he could. Not pick up the option because he's tied himself to. It was the season that you had there and having like telling him. Hey, that's a blessing. So, yes, I mean, you know, we'll see. The truth is, though, like again, they were eight. And you pointed out how they could have been 10 and six but again. Three other winds were against David Blough draft Jeff Driscoll and Sean Mannion knowing whose names I did not know, like in week six last year, and I didn't know Sean Mannion. I'm dead serious. I host a fantasy football show on Sunday mornings. I did not know Sean minions name. Until Sunday Morning week. 17. I woke up at 7 A.m. and found out that Sean Mannion was starting against the Bears for the Vikings. I mean, so three of their winds, I mean and don't forget any Panero had to make a 53 yarder to win a game in Denver. So like, why sudden, or you could be for 12 you said they could have had 10 wins. They could had four or five right they could have. That's why one model said eight felt like five and 11. He was right. But But all of that, of course, all of that, and Two hours of 50 cents. Give me on the L. It means that it means nothing to me now because opportunity for them to be as good and they fell apart. Just win, baby. It was the wrong direction. So the question is when Matt Nagy says so far, I I'm not sure if we've seen enough from Travis Key to Macon opinion. What is that? Is that? I mean, he knows who he is. Even on a good day. He knows what whisky is. What about what he said That mad, Maggie? Well, so far. I know. I don't know. We don't haven't seen enough yet. What about that comment? Here's Matt. Maggie. Does Mitch look like a better quarterback? Yes. I mean, so far. I think so. And we don't have enough right now. Wish I could tell you, Jeff. We had enough, but there's just not enough. With with where we're at. We need to see more. I can't give you a fair statement or opinion with that. I'm excited to see some more team periods, You know, maybe a little more red zone some two minutes, four minutes. Situational football. Teo truly say that so I'd ask for a little bit more time on that with him, But again, the mental side of it, decision making where he's going So far, so good. We want to now continue to just see Annette get better and better to where we have 100% accuracy with that with both quarterbacks, and so They're both competing in the right way. But I just I would say realistically, we just need a little bit more time to be ableto compared to the last two years. Would you want to see Do you want to say? You know when Stravinsky's on what it looks like, right when he's locked in when he's able to rule out the pocket, Get the ball down the field when he can run out of the pocket Palace for what do you want to see? What else? What other What other magic can we see from Travis Key? This upcoming sees, you know it sucks. But what sucks is is that we're not going to see any preseason games because if you're ever going to put him in the preseason game, this will be the year. Stop hiding us up, Will you under glass, so he was going to? But if that's the thing that sucks, because now behind the big fence at Lake Force, we can't see what's going on, so the media could see a few things. But it's not like being on the field of bourbon. A to see those guys remember watching practice of the sidelines on this year's old remembering how good that wass Go so and so just overthrew another receiver. So that's the whole point like he's got no preseason games. So now you're going to base it on what you do in Lake Forest right into the game. We saw what happened. What happened last year with that, right? Oh, no preseason games. He's ready. And then he wet the bed inside the Packers for the most part. Point is those that nobody really scored. But he was an embarrassment on national television. That offense, Wass you saw, just like I saw terrible shot or no shot is next..

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