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Alexander from Seinfeld to Amanda Bursts from with. Jodie Sweden and Andrea Barber from full House and Fuller House a bunch of people from friends. We had Amina, Kaplan from the office. Parks and REC Jim O'hare was on the show. The entire cast of Marvel's agents of shield was here and so many more too many for me to count heck too many for me to remember. But they're all they're at laugh track POD DOT COM, and we are kicking things off at a really really big way this season as well as you may know, the top comedy. Broadcast TV these days last year this year yet we're talking about the connors but in my opinion, this show is so much more than that. This is a comedic legacy that dates all the way back to Roseanne, which reads supreme at the top of the ratings for years back in the day a twenty year layoff. And Bright Back in action the last few years, the counter family like they've never left have been back our TV screens making us laugh what a great cast and we get to talk to one of them today an og member of the Connor. Family Michael Fishman who plays DJ Connor he's been doing it since he was six years old and not only has he been doing that in front of the screen in front of the cameras I should say for all this time but this week yeah he's jumping behind the cameras. He's the director of this year's Halloween episode, which if you know Roseanne if you know the connors always a collapse. Not only for the show. But for TV, in general, a can't miss episode and we're going to talk to the guy behind it all the guy who? has taken the helm for this week of this classic show and we're talking about all things, connors, all things Dj in what has become his character and where the connors fit in today's covert influenced world and in today's political landscape and everything else not to get too deep not to get too heavy but we do get depressed. We do get heavy but we have a lot of laughs as well. This is a great conversation with a really cool dude. So if you're getting ready to watch the tonners this week before you do check out this conversation with Michael Fishman from the Qatar's right here on.

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