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And everything feels like you're you're making the right shots at the right time everything's inside the line but there's so many days where it's not where where you really have to work for it and they think that ultimately from my perspective is what makes champion who and they are as one name find on a good days when they find themselves victoria and on the winning end of match we're speaking with maria sharipova batter new book unstoppable my life so far there's a lot in the book maria a bag you relationship particularly with serena williams whose defeated you in the last e c meetings that you've had with her although you defeated her of course in the two thousand four wimbledon final that relationship with serena would started would you were a little kid you didn't want to even see her you didn't want her to know were feel that you were watching her which came down to florida training academy wanted to watch her but i didn't want her seeing me watch her someone what's it like for some one you know as accomplished is you too had sold little success against her at least in the recent past well i think um as you said are that relationship to really began from a very young age in it and it really started at the tennis academy in florida where i just i i watch turned her sister venus practice and i thought so many kids just warship them and and look look at them and um and wanna be them and i i looked at that and i mean they're intensity and they're focused i mean you realized why they were already champions and allowed us to thirteen year old girl at the time but i wanted to be down men linked that i don't know where that came from or why i thought that but it was like i i wanna be on the stage where a beefed up um and i think that's the i mean local a few years later i saw it it's almost as if someone just put me on a tv and side here serena williams and you're in the final the wimbledon accept it wasn't a tv it was.

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