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Because kidnapping, I'm Amy King Live from the KFI twenty four hour newsroom, three people have been arrested for allegedly carjacking and kidnapping. A woman in Calabasas. Cops say the group led LA county sheriff's deputies on a chase from Calabasas to Woodland Hills. Yesterday, a deputy head pulled over a gray SUV for a traffic violation as the deputy detained. One of the passengers he saw some drug paraphernalia. That's when the driver ran off and carjacked a woman near Calabasas high school. She is okay. Beliefs have been keeping a close eye on a teenager who said he wanted to shoot up a school in Ventura County police chief Ken corny says the eighteen year old was held in a mental facility for days while cops interviewed loved ones and confiscated weapons from his home. Now that he's out corny says the teen will not be able to buy more guns because of he was placed under mental health hold. He is not eligible in the state of California from legally acquiring weapons. Corny says the teen was not arrested because it was not deemed a debt, a credible threat, a riptide that almost pulled a teenage boy out into the ocean actually helped the mayor. Mayor of Anaheim save him it was very serious yell for help mayor Tom Tate had just got off work. Changing to go out to dinner at his vacation condo in Laguna beach when he heard it at my clothes on I just grabbed aboard. Board and ran out that would be a surfboard which helped him ride. Last Friday's high surf out about one hundred feet to where the team was, stranded and bring, him safely back all that and still made it to dinner my heart was still beating I. Think the adrenaline was still in, the, system is kind of a fun story to tell he says any surfer would have done. It Corbin Carson KFI news. Lawmakers have passed a Bill through the Senate that would count all untested rape kits statewide, ills to. Connect with joyful heart foundation says knowing exactly. How many kits there are will help determine how to address the issue public records request that we have issued. Across the state over the last couple of, years we identified more than thirteen thousand untested kids and that's just a snapshot connects says each kit represents, a survivor waiting for Justice and a potential offenders still on the streets another Bill awaiting a vote next week requires all new rape kits to. Be tested within four months L. as mayor says, he's ready to mediate between teachers. In the school district if they can't reach a deal as teachers are voting whether to authorize a strike. Mayor, Garcetti, says it will get directly involved should the negotiations break. Down and offer. City halls, a space for negotiations directly involved in that if both parties allow me to, endorse any says there's room for, agreement. On some non monetary issues such as class size both sides have to want a deal that's. Done a, lot of labor negotiations over the. Last decade and a half and there has to be a willingness Garcetti says he supports a, reasonable pay, raise but too big of a. Hike with threaten the financial stability of the district in LA Chris ancarlo KFI news the chief at. NASA says we're heading back to the moon.

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