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In a transformative educational experience be a part of the legacy merry mount dot EDU I read a Kessler WTOP traffic any of clouds out there on this Friday afternoon with breezy winds and high temperatures in the upper fifties to low sixties we'll have some scattered showers out there during the evening hours as early as five six PM and then bring those likely overnight tonight on into your Saturday morning about nine ten eleven AM the rain is over we then we'll have a clearing with breezy to windy conditions were also chilly tomorrow for this time of year highs will only be warming into the low to mid fifties on Sunday will have highs in the low to mid sixties with clouds increasing throughout the day some showers are possible Sunday night on into Monday morning highs Monday warm to around sixty degrees finally on Tuesday will start to warm back up with high temperatures Tuesday warming to near seventy eight plenty of sun I'm storm team four meteorologist Emily draper we have cloudy skies forty eight degrees in Washington as we head near sixty today Baltimore Chesapeake tradition and WTOP's Washington's top news on air and online at WTOP dot com good morning I'm mark Lewis Jocelyn Chesterton is at the editor's desk just ahead governors and mayors across the country begin looking at how to restart the economy following a three phase plan introduced by president trump what influence will Congress have in efforts to reopen the country on Capitol Hill I'm Mitchell Miller what's the story behind a drug that is showing some positive signs in.

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