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All right. Let's work at work. The game was a runaway for our champion. James? I let's see if he came up with the correct response. No, he had Madonna and happy birthday Scarlett pretty soon, you're gonna run out a birthday friends. Yeah. Okay. You got it wrong. And you lost three thousand ten only dropping you to twenty seven thousand one ninety and giving. Three hundred. Retreading is wins again, personalities sucks. He sucks to even Alex. Dell's was personal life. And I'm interested in like sports gambler. How does he bet? How did he get? So smart. He gives you nothing. Nothing at all. No. He's very charismatic. Nothing. Like that. Does also annoys me birthday to everybody goes to pick a ah question. He always abbreviated. It's like always the one word jumpers eight. Yep. It's never. He's too. Good. All right. Exactly. Well, he's jumpers for. He he's he's trying to save on time. I guess trying to rush to get as much try to bet as much money as he can. But can't you can't with his his velocity. She's doing it's like people who say THX instead of writing. Thanks that too. Busy to write the whole. Thanks. You included. You are you of when somebody writes, you ought while you or a are they white you the letter the letter that the fact that when when somebody says, you are and spells it the war with the contraction, obviously while you want your moron. They may be doing it to save time. But I'm like a moron. Yep. But look, you are the same thing that is thing. But if in the age of texting when everything is to be abbreviated, that's the expected. I I don't know. I guess I don't I don't know. When I write. I'm I don't always put the all that annoys the hell my kids. Do that pisses me off instead of just writing? Okay. They write cake cake makes you more than when you some peace on the floor. I don't know peeing on the floor. But my eight year old he'll text me back KK, my kitchen cake. But look, but the thing is for example. I know the difference. I realize the difference. But I still do it just to just zip through the stupid text because do Texas show Saint Bernard. I love texting because I don't have to talk to anybody. No, I phone. I hate to talk anybody. Yeah. But. That's the worst thing is the second world true. But given the opportunity to congress pond somehow, I'm taking textile over phone without a doubt every time. I'm like what is wrong with right, right? Just text. I've getting calls double in fact, people call me twice and they leaving messages. I don't even listen to the message. I don't know who you are. I don't wanna hear the message. I if you want if you have something to say to me text, the to I don't think they can leave a message mailbox full. Believe me I'm trying before. Got cleared somehow or other on my own messages that I mentioned George Collin they into archives. Okay. So it was cleared. But I'm not listening to the message. I don't wanna hear you. Don't need it evasion. All right. So you today again Chuck Todd will be here this hour. He's always great embroiled in this war with Chris Cuomo and not Jake tapper the the model one bin Hussein Bob saggy live and studio sun, Jay Gupta. Got sports fifty seven the Mets again last night. The masters off to a great start game to the islanders later on tonight. And the phones are open as always one eight hundred eight four eight WABC one eight hundred eight four eight ninety two twenty two Bernie.

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