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Time factor in this. But it's also money. And AB wants a new contract. And if you're the Steelers, how can you give this guy a new contract? And you're going to say, oh, you know, what even though he's been talking crap on the organization and people in the organization often at this off season. You're now going to go just because it's to try to salvage relationship. Go give more money. I wouldn't. You said in an awful precedent. So I don't think you could save that relationship at this point the damage is done with the side show and all the clown acts that you're seeing some of it. The Steelers falling some of it, Mr. big chess fault as well. So this is a situation where the values going down by the second. He'll be on a new team in my opinion. Who's he going to be on next year whose team is he going to be on? I don't know it looks like the raiders. But last night, I went to bed. It looked like is going to be the Buffalo Bills. So we'll see what happens. The thing is though and when the offseason right one week seventeen ended and then things started heat up a few weeks after that. I said, yeah, you know, I would want Antonio Brown. My team now though after seeing what how quickly this is developed to be a big time headache and a mess where every day it's something else. And you have the fear him going on Instagram saying something. Yeah, I'm out. I'm out on Antonio Brown hall of fame player. No doubt about it. However, the way he has acted makes me say, I'm done. I don't wanna tolerate it. I don't so eight five five two one two four CBS eight five five thousand two hundred twenty seven. Where do you think he's gonna wind up where do you want to wind up and more importantly DA even want him anymore? Would you trade for Antonio Brown? I'm not I'm saying I'll find help to get the ball in the end zone. Elsewhere. It's Zach yelp show on CBS sports radio. We take your phone calls neck..

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