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The antitrust argument they. Were much more interested in finding a way to make face, keep facebook and. But Make sure that it's a power was both like that's what I worry about is that there's a think what you're talking about with. You know regulation helping incumbents that Dutt that's my worry right is is that it's it's it's going to be regulated in a way that is going to work in conjunction with. The powers, the powers that be or whoever the sitting government happens to be I mean is that if you're the people should have or oh, I think. So yeah, I mean, just again to use GIDDY PR's an example GDP are places these fairly owners constraints on what you can or can't do it with data and the reality is that given all that overhead larger companies can handle it a lot better, and then if you're an advertiser, you tend to trust larger companies to be judy are complete better and so the fraction of budgets that facebook and Google made up. By many reports have actually gone up on GDP our world and smaller media companies, and the third party go system has been her as basically destroyed by it I'm in so. I mean, here's here's one of the Weird Trade Offs I. Think most people don't realize be on the industry totally realize that people outside don't. There's a trade off between sort of privacy and monopoly power or privacy and antitrust right? Like you can impose harsh privacy constraints on uses of data regulation, all the rest of it, but that will necessarily tend towards agglomeration of power within a smaller number of large companies or you can stand look there's GonNa be a thirty ecosystem data's going to circulate more freely. Google and facebook have more competition. But yes, indeed, there are more privacy issues. Look there's sketchy shit that happens in the Ad Tech World No one would deny it and if if. If you allow small third parties to buy and sell your data as as many do in fact than you're GonNa get into privacy issues as well. Yeah. I. Again, I think the level of the conversation is not even remotely. They're like people are still talking about whether Zach listens to you through your phones record conversation. We need to ten years ahead of this and I think this. Is a final thing like. It just seems to me like this business of wiring up everyone's brain to one of these smartphone right like literally everyone from like a taxi driver in Bangalore to a farmer in Brazil to some hipster in San. Francisco have instant instant communication right like this. Literally global telepathy in your pocket right that the realities of that I think are just so are so disruptive to just society as we know it like. The, is in scores of Cambridge Analytica or you know some little tweak to the the political, Ron facebook are not going to change any of that and we as a society need to start thinking about what does it mean when all of humanity can talk to itself ineffectively an unfiltered way and I don't think we're having a conversation I think if you look at almost every part of the political spectrum. The only thing that distinguishes them as what they want to return to like. What year did they think society should be rewind to right like the Maga people think it's like Oh one, thousand, nine, hundred, Eighty, eight, and not the bobby layman around two thousand, eight like everyone just wants to return and nobody seems to have anything like a vision for the future which which has no matter what anyone coming no matter. What exactly. Build back better. That's the Biden phrase right. Yeah just bud all over the place apparently. Johnson. What do you say about I mean? So much of the discourse around elections and interferences is based on. What the Russians did on facebook and it seems like a if you any access to this information, but it seems like there's a big conflation between the Russian. Government and Russian business people forms farms. Yeah. Do you have any insight into that or Well, I'm not a very good permanent. I'll just were you have insight into and I've gotten into fights about with a friend of mine like Rene Directa who's a big voice in this whole misinformation thanks she was at Stanford Research Live. The whole Russia Internet research agency thing right. The problem they're like without question they obviously intervene try to use facebook groups to influence the election. That's just documented. But what I, what I doubt is the efficacy of all that the what's come out at least that they spent one hundred thousand dollars on ads, which is nothing that's like that's like whistling into the win into a tornado when it comes to facebook, and then if you look at the actual numbers, the number of pages, the number of likes like again if you if you take all that think about Margaret, right you take human activity and then you divided by like. The number of total pieces of content or the number of AD. Impressions are the number of whatever you divided by that. That's your ratio that you care about that divisor in the case of facebook is billions and billions and billions, right so for for Russia to have thrown the election in three, hundred, thirty plus million person country would have required immediate tidal wave like no other right like if these people can claim to throw the election one, hundred, eight, it's been it's just stop digging around to Russia starting at agency and company. United States? That's incredible. Like like like, and in fact, the Russians, the best hundred they spent was convincing somehow the US media establishment that one hundred K. can actually win an election. I. Find The whole thing I mean it is alarming going forward. Obviously, countries are going to use this for misinformation as they've used every other means in the past, right? Russia used to have radio stations. I would transmit to the US all this stuff like this. This is just a continuation of war by the by different means. So I'm I'm skeptical of the Russian story just because again, there were doing it i. just I don't know how efficacious it actually ones in the global scheme. So they didn't start dating create racism star black lives matter over facebook. Dating. Mean I'm telling you Jesus memes. Jesus Masturbation memes. Now, that's the killer Combo on what masturbation means alone Jesus means alone not so much but you. Can Be Together. Yeah. Yeah. That was the feeling down Jesus? Let's beat together. Yeah. I don't want imagined. Me Looks like okay. I'll say Nikki would trigger warning. It's not graphic at all, which is why able to be on fiscal course. Excellent. All right, Tony thanks so much. Run over. And we'll. Soon..

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