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Planes return to service by the end of the year and C. E. O. Doug Parker says that sounds like a reasonable estimate based on conversations with regulators Parker says when the Max is allowed to fly we will be ready and to match that optimism American is already selling flights on Max jets is early as January fifteenth those planes have been grounded worldwide after two crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia killed three hundred and forty six people Shelly after Washington retail store in Florida asking for help in tracking down big foot police in Florida on the hunt for big foot not a flesh and blood says watch but an eight foot three hundred pound statue of the legendary ape like creature the statue which police say is worth three thousand dollars was stolen from a mattress store in Boynton beach between October six than thirteen but the store didn't realize it was missing because it was buried another large decorations outside for Halloween no surveillance video of the theft but police say they're confident it'll turn up saying it's not exactly the easiest thing to hide correspondent Dave Packard wins news time nine fifty six now Bloomberg moneywatch on ten ten waves you trade worries put stocks on shaky ground as reports said the signing of a partial U. S. China trade deal may be delayed the Dow Jones industrial average posted a fractional loss the S. and P. five hundred added two points the nasdaq composite fell twenty four Qualcomm shares a rallying after the bell after it offered a stronger than predicted forecast for this quarter it's seen as a sign that smartphone demand may be picking up earnings for its most recent quarter beat estimates Altes USA plunge seventeen percent its biggest loss ever the cable TV company which operates is out the moment Suddenlink warned that it will lose customers this quarter Facebook may have been less than forthcoming as it tried to convince the public that it was serious about improving privacy seal court records posted online by NBC portray Facebook executives who were mainly concerned about eliminating competition Bloomberg money watch it twenty six and fifty six past every hour I'm Larry coffee for ten ten when when's news time nine fifty seven.

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