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Here's the next crop of guys. And you're sitting there going like this thing is never gonna stop and you and you're still Tyler breeze, who's fresh all over again. You have Keith Lee who hasn't even gained his full traction yet. And so you add them to the mix with with, you know, Sam, Sean and Z chain Strickland. And Trevor Lee has a chance to be a breakout star absolute low talented, so yeah, it on and on. I mean it's a cool thing. And I mean a couple of things like obviously, there, really an annex t right now. I love that. They're, they're rewarding talent. You know, the fact that Mia Yelm has been able to rise to the top of that women's division because she's just really good. And this is somebody who's been pining away on the Indies for, you know, ten years, and she's fine. There and it's not like she's just enhancement talent, or she's there to get people over. She is a highlight on the show. You know, and of all the people, we just mentioned, we're still trying to figure out exactly where Kushida fits in. You know, we forget your new Japan talent is there and it just like okay he's also going to be somebody that could be a star. Well, Hello, torch faithful. This is Kelly wells, host of PW, PWG talks and x t every Thursday, you can hear me and my rotating group of annexed loyalists banter about the highs and lows of the booking the progress and young talent. And the big takeover matches Harley.

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