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Kamala harris mazy heroux know from hawaii tammy duckworth from illinois elizabeth warren who's a powerful us senator i mean she has a potential presidential candidate in 2020 debbie stab now from michigan claire mccaskill from misery maggie hassen in new hampshire kirsten jila brand patty murray watt from washington and tammie baldwin the lesbian candidate the lesbians editor from wisconsin can't hold on a second here phnom this this story was updated moments ago we're up to thirteen wow so so here's the lives any is increasing exponentially you've got the women here i got bob casey of pennsylvania joe donnelly of indiana sherrod brown of ohio ed markey massachusetts are are republicans just stand out of this not says in addition senator susan collins technically a republican from maine also said franken should resign really only one republican i think the republicans are staying out of it they don't want to get beat with the roy more see how they get their ehud senator living's got their own problems yeah you know really more i it's a really tough one because at first i believed him okay is only one at first there was only one woman that accused him of any sort of crime the 14yearold when he told her to take her clothes off okay that that's not that's not right and is not legal and then the 16yearold accused him of some kind of assault as well now he didn't rape her body di did assault her see that live in here hang on a second.

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