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Tunnel vision kevin durant in silicon valley coming up as best game as a pro without all the ridiculous pressure he's still getting all the awards and recognition the biggest winner in this whole finals is kevin durant biggest loser cavs owner dan gilbert you butcher lebron for the second time you're gonna look really really small this time next year which is even more painful when you're five six to start with let's be honest you tell everybody that lebron is needy yet dano gotta deal with some of that when you have the best player in the world jerry west has had a lot of needy players so as pat riley they make you relevant and now you're saddled with easily the worst roster of bad contracts in the league jr smith tristan thompson georgia jordan clarkson in all instances making at least double what they're worth with no team a winner is steph curry yeah he's about to win his third title and become an all time legend i know what you're saying off last night but do you know why steph curry one last night because kevin durant was great and steph curry is smart enough to understand the big picture in this world we live in now be willing to score a few less points to recruit other star players so when you're off you still win gangs that's what the westbrooks of the world can't figure out carmelo anthony derrick rose so when you don't have a perfect series or you are hobbled or you are fatigue you can lean on kevin durant and win another ring.

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