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Any traction may have made forty seven hours. After helen disappeared. A deputy was walking to in our area to search when they were on an adjacent farm and climbing up the hill the hill the deputies were climbing included a pig lot and mud as they went up the hill. They saw a small bulge in the bud but the bulge appeared to have clean clothing. The deputies walked to the bulge and helen unconscious but alive. She had clean hands and feet and our clothes were barely wrinkled. The more amazing fact was her clothes. Were dry so i remember. It had been raining heavily hours. They pick the girl up and took her home and later to a hospital. She was three fourths of a mile from her farm. Forty-seven hours after she disappeared. The area she was found had been searched many times and she was not there on those times. April first article in the pittsburgh press stated. She couldn't tell the story of ventures. Sheriff ralph cook. Said the child's clothes face and hands were clean and that she hardly could have survived two nights in the open under unfavorable unfavourable weather conditions. The deputy who founder was interviewed by the telegraph herald on the thirty first of march and stated the following. Although the child was unharmed more said he did believe that she had been held captive by someone who decided to release her saturday because of fear of being detected her clothes were dry did not appear as though they had been wet. Despite the fact that heavy rain drenched the district the night she disappeared. so why was she unconscious. Like the know that's weird sleeping in the mud right. She's put in the mud in a like a pig. Area early are closer clean. Like something placed her their move and the fact that she was unconscious when found is like. How do you get that to happen right..

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