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Five Saturday February February. We've got Jeremy Plonk or expert kicking off. Millie Ball John. White Jeff Siegel Steve. BIC Ron Nicoletti Quigley occasion courtney and Eddie Oh check around things out on February twenty nine. So if you're not doing anything the winter played beat the host. And if you are doing something that's winter camp would be nice. Nice always fun on looking forward to it and invariably variably. I'm in Vegas for this and it's the same weekend as H C I. I think that's happened. Like four of the last five years. So I'm guessing weekend we could move you if you WANNA move. But that's actually not a bad weekend. I looking canola looking anyway. Yeah 'cause you're looking right exactly not appeal as I like to say. Kill two birds with one rock. uh-huh yeah exactly I could. I could say something. I won't Johnny a couple of a couple of quick hits I. I started the show because I'm still smarting learning from from Saturday. Just the ticket structure and budget issue. Because I felt like I left four thousand dollars on the table on Saturday. Take you who. Who did you pink sandstone? No I'm I totally embarrassed. Why who I left them? In for a reason it's not particularly. It was a big price. Wars Story Twenty seven twenty.

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