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Yeah ru giving real definition to sickening this week i mean you could hear it a little bit here but by the time it gets the runway particularly when she reaches the end of the judge's comment she's like well you one talk we'll like i feel horrible for rou because i mean unfortunately we see this with jeff probst a couple of times as well like you really take a day off in those circumstances we can't say okay let's call a timeout and put things on hiatus because ru has the flu or the flu ru but yeah i two i felt horrible aj it became so obvious later on the episode that route was through on her last legs voice wise oh absolutely the even the reverse effect couldn't sell the time has come lip sync but it was sad and i'm glad you guys pointed it out because i thought i was just the crazy in hearing things i'm like she's sick right there's something wrong with the right so i'm glad you brought that up i thought it was just my tv well it's weird because i didn't think she was sick at first i thought that there was like i had is going on because it was just i thought she was doing this voice because it was sort of sill tree but then there was this kind of like sickness to it but i didn't i didn't quite get it really did take like you said by sort of till the end of the episode to really realize what was going on but as far as that mini challenge goes first of all when rupaul said in her sick voice just arrived in hollywood you can see blur saint clair calm like she's just so excited about this just arrived in hollywood so blair saint clarisa just arrived in hollywood as brent volga motto is too quick drag.

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