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Big liars all the time. And a lot of them are distracted while they're driving and they're texting and driving. And they get pulled over by the cop and the cop will say, hey. Do you have the cell phone out there? And of course, they're not going to tell the truth, but times Monica, they could be changing. What are you laughing? At me. I'm serious times. Could be a changing, I know are you ready for the textile Iser? This new device called the text allies earlier is aiming to crack down recording your every click tap or swipe it would even know what apps you're using police officers could download the data right on the spot. I I like it because it sounds like a a Breathalyzer, and I imagine like a Breathalyzer slash tasers that like they did. Yeah. If you lie they just give you ten thousand volts to the gut. Tell the truth. You get it. No. My God that do you think about this stuff? When you sleep at night you wake up in the middle of the night. And you just think about these crazy things. No, okay. Text allies. The text allies. So I I kind of like the idea I think it's a good idea doesn't not the teasing. It doesn't have the tasting part. But I think it would be a little more effective. If it did here's what it does do though I can see that you open. What's up at two forty five? There were several Facebook activity and you received an incoming call at two fifty nine and you sent an SMS at three o'clock so police could pinpoint down to you were driving then and that was a minute before the accident. Yes. And that's very important. So it's essentially a lie detector. Yeah. I guess because if it doesn't matter what you say they will be able to see. And obviously there's going to be privacy concerns. We talked to the creeks. We explain we're not getting.

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