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Studio by one of my co hosts <music> senior sportswriter neil pain what up Neal Hey Sara how are you. I'm great. How are you I'm doing well fantastic and on the line from Los Angeles is five Thirty Eight Sports Editor Jeff Foster Hi Jeff Good Morning Sarah? How are you good how are you are you okay? Everything okay. I'm fine. I'm fine. I've had a lot of coffee and we can't tell it all is the federal match still going on. It is actually just ended songs as game one twenty one suit game one twenty two well we should we have a lot to talk about today but we should mention right off the top that amazing <hes> Wimbledon final between Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic are fivethirtyeight slack was all over that <hes> that match Sunday morning morning we all came together to watch it together nealon crappy WIFI yes exactly so there's nothing like the feeling in a very crucial shot to sort of have like Federer winding up and then have it freeze and have the little like circular loading something and you're just like all right well whatever happened whatever happened happened. I guess another one of our contributors told me that he was driving and this is Taryn soil and he listened to the match on the radio. Oh I've never listened to tennis on on the radio. What is that like? It sounds bad. It sounds not ideal hockey on the radio is impossible. It's terrible do they just like talk about every other shot or every fourth shot or something like it by the time you'd be better hits it and job hits it back for him so I feel like I was very alone in rooting for Joe Kebich <hes>. It seemed like everyone including literally everyone Dan at Wimbledon was reading for Federer. At where did you guys come down. I'm generally pro Federer just because I don't know I like his <hes> his his game aesthetically the most of all the <hes> the big three and also the fact that he is old and continues to sort of Chug along and do <hes> federal like things is impressive. He's thirty seven. What does he thirty seven or thirty eight? Yeah he's thirty seven. It doesn't seem like he's like maybe fifty one he's just has like like the demeanor of an older man like I cannot believe. I'm older than him. It doesn't make sense. We're like if you simply talking about federal right now and he didn't even win the match but he's like crossed over past that point when you're just like it's weird that this guy is still good at this this age to now. I it sort of expected again that he's good you know we we've sort of come full circle with them and then maybe we'll go through that round again. I think Tom Brady. I mean always Kinda. Come back to him when we're talking about old athletes but I think he's gone through through the same phase where like a couple of years ago. It was more weird that he was doing what he was doing at the age he was doing and then last year. Were just like yeah. Tom Brady of course the Patriots are back in the Super Bowl. You know he'll be he'll. He'll still be doing whatever there's obviously yeah. I don't know everyone loves Roger Federer and felt like I something I don't I just I just I guess I just. I don't really like him that much. I find them kind of see you. Were talking about. How that's interesting? I know I don't I've never really liked him that much. I've always found myself rooting for whoever is I'm still kind of mad about those general kind and classy demeanor that turns out well this is Neil and I were talking about this neal called Jovovich smug will he. He had a very <hes> he he tends to have kind of a smug look on his face <hes> at times during matches as Federer not all that find federal very smug and I was like I'm the I don't know like I mean he headshots with tremendous flare yeah. He's very area died. He he is a God among men. That's still a little mad about the match that he beat Andy Roddick in many of the other like longest matches ever right and after that the like Nike or whoever had a commercial all teed up for <hes> fetter had won some broken some record with that win and I was like you know that's rude. Roddick easily could have won that match and I'm still mad. What about that we didn't they didn't they do that Nike did that with like the U._S.? Women's national teams within minutes of them winning also they were supposed to. I'm with you Sarah. I was really hard for rotter that day. By the way that match batch was sixteen fourteen yeah they didn't have this twelve twelve but yet shorter and then I was looking at the stats because I was curious like it was like that felt long. I'm surprised that was their seventy two aces in that much there were just thirty five in this as much which is interesting so I think in terms of like rallies this was obviously more entertaining yeah yeah and that was very much Roddick's game to just pound the pounding does actually Federer was also like all served back then he was he was much younger anger. Then was that two dozen seven two thousand nine. It was actually the most disappointing July ever because I was looking this up what was talking to the same person turmoil. That was the same month where Tom Watson. Law Start bogeyed the final goal to lose the the British shows that Stewart cink radicals. Yes Stewart cink ones just seeing that I don't remember that at all but I do remember like every moment of the tennis I'd go. You're a huge fan so on today's this show we're GonNa talk about Golf Fan. I think are more of a golfer than you're well. We'll talk a little bit more about tennis later on today's show. We'll be joined by five thirty eight editor in chief nate silver to dig into what are N._B._A.. Prediction Model says about the twenty me nineteen twenty twenty season. We'll look at what to expect the final major of the P._J.. Season the British open which kicks off this Thursday and we'll take a deep dive into data with our rabbit hole of the.

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