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Anita Bakery talks besides a row of small's cafes in central Beirutis north your typical location for community building checked but through producing high-quality Sour Dough. Bread and a roster of tempting bagels. Cookies and Mafias Ma. Baker is using business to bring together people who would likely never otherwise meet. Syrian and Lebanese who reached and poor old and young the bakery salsa focusing on using ancient varieties of local weeds as well as finding new uses for Levinstein. Kitchen cupboards staples like olive oil cumin seeds and great molasses. Monaco's Beta which correspond reports. Went along to meet the Bakers Kid kid scientists new to you as built up. Great confidence in myself. I used to be very introverted but now I talk before I never used to talk. People would come and I would never speak. I'll be ashamed but now I speak without a problem when a woman earns money she feels like she's done something in her life and has something now. My children are more aware about not just sitting at home between four walls. No I go out and work now policy. That's done your water for the past three years. She's been baking sour dough. Bread with us. Citizen Brent Stuart after a long period based in Tripoli in North Lebanon Brenton Dinya recently began baking but then new premises in Beirut Malia Bakery. It's named after a pre Islamic Arab Warrior Queen Reflecting the idea that work empowers women coming along to Mario Bakery in central Beirut's Bryant opened up a couple of weeks ago and let's go and have a look what they doing the bakery today. Smells just amazing and sledding bagels dipping them in great molasses and then covering them with sesame seeds and caraway seeds although their neighbors relations between Lebanon and Syrians haven't always been positive. Tensions have been exacerbated since the beginning of the war in Syria in two thousand and eleven Lebanese blame. The one million plus Syrians who sought refuge in their country for burdening and already creaking infrastructure and failing economy. Syrians blame Lebanese for discrimination and racism. So that's where the breadcrumbs and Brent had already started a small NGO in north Lebanon. He thought that by getting Syrians and Lebanese to bake together. Prejudice isn't fears might have less space to grow. My name is Brandt Stewart American from Las Vegas originally and I came to Lebanon about seven years ago. I started to realize in order to really support a community I needed to address the needs of everyone in the community equally. Not just one segment of it just to help foster these ties. I started to see that my role as a manager of this profit is to use various common goals in order to bring people under the same in the same space and so we don't come together and talk about. Let's say peace building or community building what we have in common and what we don't have in common. We actually just focus on the common goal and I've seen through that process whether that's baking bread or whether that's education in the classroom these barriers. They break away and they fall down and people. They focused on what they have in common instead of focusing on what they don't through baking bread with her. Dunya a mother of five from the great friendship with a Syrian woman. Oh bida she left law September because she married and moved to Turkey but didn't use realization that they shed more similarities than differences has remained bus another synthetic Halloween again. Two years we spent working together really wonderful. She was like my sister and more. We used to visit each other. Go to sitting cafe together and had a good time. Mom about Malia bakery staple product is a high quality sour bread baked in woodfired oven with Brunton Dina's meticulous work. One loaf takes three days to produce from start to finish if we go to the oven Ashley now and so. This is the oven where things baked. So there's a huge gold oven and would fights. It's what fired. Yeah so this door is made of steel. It's very well fitted just to keep steam. We have to steam the breath to keep the steam contained in. Wow Wow goodness me as you can see here still quite hot. We fired this about three days ago. Mase yeah you can feel the heat coming out still quite hot Brunton Dunya. Sour dough is different from Standard White Lopes produced in Lebanon and Syria Venezuela hovers hide. The hovers the Brady's really good it's healthy with natural wheat and fermentation honestly. When I got my mom to taste it. It reminded her of the bridge. He used to have in the old days when they would make the starter and use it to bake bread. My Mom really likes it always tells me to bring some for her to perform MOEE. Bakery is also promoting Lebanon's feed producers by using local varieties of wheat. That's an idea that attracted chef. Yes Meena Hayek who knows twenty loaves a week for restaurant. La Career in Beirut's to Maisy district so most of the flowers on Lebanon refined flowers and it's rare to find stone mill flowers like brands and brand stone. Mrs Practice Flower instantly before baking so which Which which gives his bread this awesome flavors because if power is very fresh. I think that's using these varieties of wheat. That are going to eventually disappear as a way to save. Our food heritage. Brent soon hopes to expand Maui a bakery into a cafe as well wet buyers can come to enjoy the products on site the seven spice cookies and smokey sour dough crust particularly Morrish. Junior may well soon have other bakers joining her to cope with increased demand for Monaco. In Beirut I'm Lizzy Porta you're listening to the Menu monocle twenty four. Let's then continue from our MIDORI House Studios? There's been a fair bit of excitement over canopy dial or CBD which has become a popular natural remedy. New Products are appearing regularly and also the drinks industry is following suit and one. Such new product is called into this new soft drink was launched by Hannah Glasson and she joined me in the studio to tell me more about the twins and her business. I with the idea for inch e knee range of sparkling fruit and botanical drinks with CBD last year and that was what I was having treatment for breast and three that I was taking CBD's CBD oil and found that it helped me to feel calm and more focused every day. And I worked with the way through that time and as someone feeding backgrounds. I've been working in food and drink for many years with some of the best brands in the UK. The likes of SIP Smith and through that experience. I realized that I could bring something different to the CD wild something that tasted really good and Drinks with provenance where you could trace the CD. All the way back to the source. So that's what we've done with three weeks running now and it's great to see people enjoying the drinks more about what he wanted to create you. You mentioned that you felt like you have something different to bring to the D. Well so what's it all about taste always about taste from a feed and drink background? I have admired so many great tasting products. And what would lots of great bartenders in the past? Say the first thing we did was go to some world-leading bartenders that crucible in east London and with them started to develop some drinks. We wanted to create drinks that had complexity that balanced out the CBD. Because it's quite bitter on its own and that could be enjoyed anytime day. And what kind of job was it for you to figure out what the right flavors would be. Not The moments you released with. Three Bronx Flavor are pomegranate and ginger elder flower and hops onto. The Third. One is grapefruit. Mint is a spectrum of flavors to see different tastes and we wanted to create one. That was a little bit more refreshing when that was spicier and one. That was more mellow something. That's a great will tend to alcohol. Go on launch a business like this when you had the idea that he wanted to create a range of CB detering taste good. How did you find the right individuals who have the knowledge? You need to make something like this happen. Let someone who's wet food and drink. It was quite easy to know who to go to in the flavor worlds but what was completely new to me was the world so finding a source of CD where the creators would allow us to go. All the way to the source to understand everything about it from the soil to the way that it's made to the way that it's produced into oil and then made into water. Soluble product was quite difficult and challenging. And so we tested. Many many products found a few that tasted good and that works. That helps you feel calmer off to eat. Took them and then hotter through those find one that would allow us to go all the way back to the source. And how difficult was it to find someone like us? It was a challenge for sure but we found some great Jesus of CD. And I went to the farm in northern Lithuania weather. Conditions are great for for growing hemp and met with the family business out there and really enjoyed that process you have just launched your saw over in the UK at Fordham and masons. At the moment I guess many people are still wondering when it comes to CBD products. What is the legal status? Do you find the situation confusing at the moment we'll CB is legal in the UK Zubeidi oils a very much legal and the CBD in awe drinks is legal. There is a novel food regulatory issue around. Cbd and that's a gray area at the moment so the effort say have said that products with CBD will need to have a novel food license by the end of next year and so with very much working with our surprise to make sure that that happens so that we can stay on the shelves and continue to continue to trade so had a into and.

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