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Brown. Brown. Yeah. Thank you the wide receiver yes. So. If you drafted Madison Pollard, Edmondson, you don't have the starting running back, just lottery tickets and we get to the by weeks whilst week four comes around. I'm just wondering how long people can can stash them, and even in we want is there's a huge performance in week one you need to pick someone up is that is that the player you're dropping I'm just very curious to see how this whole thing plays out. Those guys that level I don't think should be those are definite stashes Daryl Williams who actually might be started as a flex and week one but is kind of stash two. Okay. So Aj Brown Ryan Tannehill takes over Aj. Brown goes for six catches sixty four yards on eight targets against the chargers in Tanna hills I start. At that point. Twenty, five percent rostered. Twenty five percent let's see. Let's see where he was the following week. and See I don't really remember how many I can was drafted in. Fifty sixty seventy percent of leagues I don't remember. Yeah I'm not sure by, be surprised. He was forty one percent roster the following week, and he had two catches for eleven, yards and a touchdown. So and then he really liked went off right. So you had your chance to get. Aj Brown. Last year that happens I. Mean You could talk about stashes all you want but roster crunches exist and you have to drop guys and sometimes it comes back to bite you for sure it's tough. It's. A lot of times there's not really You know you don't know if it's a right or wrong answer. Especially when you're talking about like your handcuff. England. Right and that's why I would rather stash players that I think and this is a bit of a guessing game with a lot of these guys because we haven't seen them. But I would rather stash guys that I think are good because if they get the opportunity, I think it'd be great as opposed to just my handcuff who I don't really like that. Much. Okay Ban were there any others from Dave they wanted to let us know on more dave is on Paris Campbell as a stash. He is there a colts wide receiver that you're on? is a stash whether it's Campbell or someone else? I would probably rather stash Michael Pittman But only because I think he kind of profiles, the Reds Big Red, zone guy that could fill the Eric Ibran role if he hits. I don't I there are smart smart people who draft a lot of Paris Campbell I just don't really. I don't really get it. And there are people like me who who draft Paris camp was including you and. I you know for me. It's a little bit of group think maybe I see other people that I respect who are really in Paris Campbell. I think that last year I'm sort of throwing away Jacoby perset really had a bad year. So somebody else going to have to catch passes and makes sense for the slot guy. Philip. Rivers the United Slot Guy Makes Sense for Paris. I remember how hi Dave was on Paris Campbell coming out of college. Things obviously change with Andrew retiring. So I'm giving him a reset year. You know how I feel about sophomore receivers. He's one of my last picks he's really not taking. You're not taking him before Nicole Harry Right I. Am you are okay I wouldn't in a non PBR league I would in a full ptr league and a happy are they I'm not sure I. I'm not has there been any to kill Harrah's. Yes, there was some there was a period of man. He's been bad in camp, Muhammed Snooze. Awesome and they're like right when that happens all the reports from that point forward were area a good day. You'll hear Harriet a good day and then got cut so I just think Kerry I think Harry. And Campbell are similar obviously and that they were well regarded prospects coming out last year who basically had a lost year. I prefer Harry just because I. don't see as much competition for targets. Well, that's an interesting thing. Why not? Well, I think who throws more. They're gonNA throw more right I don't know like were they. I think the Culture GonNA, win a ton of games. We've talked about what they're run. Pass rate was in games that they were ahead last year but they threw the ball lot two years ago, and that was as had a good quarterback but their defense wasn't near as good back then and Philip rivers is somewhere in the wide chasm between Andrew Luck. Percents. Yeah You can. You can take your pick as to which one you think is closer to WHO throws more I think is a good question that I don't I don't feel confident in which. Who has a better quarterback which team throws for more yards because in a normal year if you could just race last year, you would never ever pick. Cam Newton to throw for more yards than Philip rivers. That's that's totally true. I have I'm sure I have Philip rivers throwing for more yards right I have But I have Jack Doyle getting a lot more targets than I have. Any Patriots tightened. Yeah. So I don't know the the people that. The A, lot of smart people. I feel like the sports people I know Jacob gives likes Paris Campbell a lot I. think my quick Laura's well. Yeah. So I guess some sort of. Anti him but it's kind of like the a little bit like the deontay Johnson thing only was a better prospect. And later in the draft. In the in the fantasy draft All right. We're GONNA take a break here. When we come back, we'll do some fill in the blank and we had a fantasy football today draft today it's our big Li. It's our big like work office all the people involved in the video show really fantasy football today twelve team PR draft. We'll talk about that a bit and we'll retiree meals a fantasy football CBS, dot com. We'll be right back.

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