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I worried about that because I can train. I can develop. I can grow into but I'm looking at the spirit of the person the intent of the person so if I can have you in my community in we can not about no big is little. Use that type of thing. Because I am going to be even though I'm the mouthpiece I am going to be the most humble in the biggest servant of us all. Yes right so I think it's is there. I put it out there that Lord. This is what I need. This is what I put out there. Boom I got revelation boom to help me get to this level. This is what I need. They begin to come. I begin to putting clients so I just I giant I did I the judge Judd fruit of the room a little bit. Yeah Yeah you look what I what I what I love about. It is the word allows you to do that right. So it says that the word is quick and powerful sharper than any to a sewer cutting asunder. What the Soul in the spirit. The bone in the mirror. Here it is. It is a designer of the hearts of men and so with the Holy Spirit within you. The word within you all you have to do and there are somebody listening will be like Yo especially of you from Any type of urban area like deserve. -Ment is something that you you know you can tell when some an environment is not right. You can tell when you meet someone in those bail. Start to go up and your spirit. Like uh not is person something. I can't see it with my natural I but I can tell something. Seems a little off like trust that. Go with that whether they call it instinct whether they call it desert like those are the healthy building blocks when looking at your team. I want to extract with for someone. Is You said that you have the ability to build capacity as long as the person's spirits right you can teach and train you can develop. It helped him go into and I think that that's huge especially when people are starting all you want people to come ready may win the team that God is sending you you may have to disciple absolutely sob metro That's huge from the standpoint that you need to be able to like as a leader right you need to be able to discern and be aware of who you have in your circle right up. I'm also willing to collaborate from the barter right. You mean you mean I can give you this and you can get that right so I don't. I don't everybody that having my circle. Everybody doesn't get paid. But what may happen? Is that in turn? I GIVE THEM CONNECTIONS. So now they get business over here right right they can use me as a mouthpiece but now it brings you more dollars resources. Because you're helping me blow up right so so is that collaboration. Everybody is different on how you build it. So what mine man. I know what I needed my circle out new people who have a high level of miltie who has a mind for teamwork somebody who I don't have to micromanage because I'm not going to micromanage you. You need to be self motivated right right. You don't have to be perfect. You just have to be willing. That's good you don't have to be perfect. You just need to be willing willing to learn willing to grow because I'm going to be I'm open for you know for change. I'm open to pivot. You know someone you building a team man. You got to create an environment that is conducive to that growth environment. Right and then one of the things that I had to get. That was hard. I wasn't very structured. Wasn't very organized right this whole so. I had to bring in somebody who was organized to take care of the things that I was dropping right. So my thing is you know. Even from my speaking I had to hire a booking agent. Why not because I need her to get me some more gigs? Which she does but the biggest thing is I kept telling myself short why because I was making decisions based off how I feel in me just having the super super soft heart but it wasn't paying bills right with sales right so I had to bring somebody in who was gifted in skilled in that area for them to do it and we did it on a barter system. For when you get this and get this you'll get this percentage you'll get that percentage you were wail for us so is important to know what you need surrounding you in any business. You need to know what you're blind spots are what is your. Blah's what are you not sweet at? What do you not gifted at? What are you not good at? And what happens is mainly is that we have to earn a right to hire somebody. You earn a right. That's right to hire somebody right so the things in the beginning. You may have to do it. You may have to do all your work if you don't want to do it. You earn the right to hire somebody to do it so that we have to worry about it. Listen man you know the time flies by especially when we drop bombs like this. Yes I everybody to go out of my brother. John's book from average two elite. He signed for me. I got the personal signed copy. I hit him on on facebook. Was like Bro. Listen I need to sign? Copy he send it to me and said look. Don't be averaged be elite. Let's go so listen it and people know. Where can they get in touch with you? Dropped his social yeah. Where were you at Rome yet? A more every single platform man is under my name Sean. Hartman S. H. O. N. A. R. T. I'm on twitter. I'm not hold on one of their westbound. Most of my time in on facebook is some instagram but all of it is Shaun Harper S. H. A. Win Har- H. E. R. T. S. SMOKE WEBSITE TO S. H. O. N. H. A. RT DOT COM. Shenhar Youtube all of them. I just kept it simple. Oh absolutely man will listen. I thank God that you came on Bro. Much continuous incessant prosperity we're GONNA continue to dominate our lane average two elite. We're going to be aware of our SAIMA. And then we're GONNA take actions on our goals and dreams when building our team. We're going to consider the heart earth and then we'll build the skill so as we transition from this. I always tell my listeners. Your future is not behind you. It is not before you it is within you. And I'm Andrea Ibra with my brother Shaun Hart learning to dominate. Our Lane. Thinks he's God bless..

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