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Only sixty nine percent of renters paid up on April first and that's down from eighty one percent in March an eighty two percent in April of last year so on a given month usually about eighty percent of folks out there pay the rent on time and that's so last month some fear that the number will drop even further in may as more and more people become unemployed or burn through their savings another good the stories about people paying their rent on time I don't have a paycheck it's hard to pay the rent to pay the rent okay we had a mixed week on Wall Street coming to an end yesterday on this final day of the holiday shortened trading week stocks finish in the plus column the Dow surging two hundred eighty five points the nasdaq higher by sixty two and the S. and P. five hundred rising thirty nine points on Thursday capping off its best week since nineteen seventy four the federal reserve announcing another massive and expansive stimulus program to support the economy during and after the corona virus as the number of Americans filing for first time jobless benefits searches for the third week in a row seventeen million or one in ten Americans have now lost their jobs in that time frame in New York I'm Laurin seminary fox news host sunny cooler day across south central Kansas Thursday which does high temperature yesterday was sixty five degrees to add nice day well normal hired for the day to sixty six so not too bad there yeah trouble was it was twenty degrees lower yeah cooler than today was a force that really made a jarring invites its normal spring day they seventeen of the Sedgwick county stay home order and your bread or contested there in secret answer he's gotta stay at all goods guard work Shelley and I last night we did another drive through this time Schlotzsky's on the west side they make an interesting sandwich there my wife is one of their big big fan so we still got a Schlotzsky's on the way home nice all right seven fifty one now Stephen Ted to looking at the pandemic's impact on local business who better to talk about that then editor bill Roy of the Wichita business journal good morning bill good morning Stephen Ted the other big story in the weekly edition of the Wichita business journal Wichita small businesses are looking for help.

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