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Newseum in Washington with a change of heart Zima come, under fire for selling you are, very fake news t-shirts a catchphrase the president's been criticized for using taking aim at media members some reporters. Complain they couldn't understand why, the Newseum would sell them but now the museum is. Saying it's removed the shirt sending out an. Apologetic, news release saying, a free, press is, an essential part. Of our democracy and journalists are nothing enemy of the people those. Shirts may be gone but the Newseum 's website is still selling another item closely associated with President Trump make America great again hats in Washington chill NATO Fox News, Sunday annual Sturgis motorcycle rally is. Underway, in the black hills of western. South Dakota several hundred thousand people are expected this year and. Public safety officials are reminding bikers and other motorists to stay alert officials say there were eight traffic fatalities last year the home of deep dish pizza now the home to a pizza museum the u._s. pizza museum now has a physical home in the windy city it has been operating online and has a full history of pizza in the united states how would savant over the years how different regions like different styles and how it's become one of america's favorite meals the pizza museum is located in the south loop neighborhood of chicago it has three thousand square feet of semi permanent space it will be open through october but it could extend longer depending on how popular it is it could become a permanent location if you want to go admission is free but you have to reserve a ticket in advance online jim mckay fox news russia has appointed action movie star seeven seagal as special envoy for humanitarian ties with the united states the foreign ministry announced the move on its facebook page saying seagulls unpaid position would be to facilitate relations between russia and the united states in the humanitarian.

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